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Wyatt Cryer
[[Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 4.53.22 PM|250px]]
Biographical information
Full name Wyatt Cryer
Gender Male
Resides Atlanta, GA
Physical description
Parents Jim Cryer (Father)
Katheryn Cryer (Mother)
Siblings Amanda Cryer (Sister, deceased)
Carlos Gonzales (Half-brother)
Unnamed boy (Half-brother)
Series information
Portrayed by Aaron O' Connell
First appearance "Pilot"
 Wyatt Cryer is a main character on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. He is portrayed by Aaron O' Connell.


Wyatt is the son of the famous Judge James "Jim" Cryer and the Heiress Katheryn Cryer (nee' Hardgrave) and the older brother of Amanda Cryer he has lived a life of privilege due to both his parents holding great prestege . He is often shown as the Black Sheep of the family due to him having the tendency acting out and his history of reckless behavior which has caused negative views from his family to be placed on him. When wyatt was a small child he and his sister were sexually molested by members of a clergy which may have resulted in their current issues. When he was sixteen he was involved with a girl named Laura who he was very happy with despite her leading him up to the path of drug abuse and other influences but seemingly lost contact with her for unkonwn reasons. A few years later wyatt has become so incorringle that he has recently been released from his third stint in rehab for drug addiction to heroin and alcoholism but he doesn't think he has a problem and is very impatient with such treatment.

Season OneEdit

He is introduced in the pilot episode as a recent release from rehab and is shown not to have changed in his days of rehab as he still possesses an arrogant personality. He is accompanied by his substance abuse counselor and family friend Jeffrey Harrington. Wyatt is shown to be comfortable enough to spend time with Jeffrey, unaware that his friend has romantic feelings toward him. He is well aware that Candace Young  is sleeping with his father and often makes jokes on this only to be put in place by someone, especially his father. He is reunited with his ex-girlfriend Laura whom he still has deep feelings for, despite the fact that she seemingly led him into drugs in the first place. The relationship goes well until the two plan a date, and Laura stands him up, under the advice of Jeffrey. A furious Wyatt pretends to come on to Jeffery, who then comes out, explaining that he hid his sexuality until he knew wyatt he had feelings for him. Wyatt then reveals he always knew Jeffrey was gay and says in a cutting and unsparing moment he is neither gay nor bisexual and is not interested him and says he was getting even for what happend with Laura. He threatens to out Jeffrey to his mother, resulting in an argument between the two that soon turns physical. In the end wyatt leaves, and takes Jeffrey's car keys as his former friend collapses to the floor in tears.

Wyatt then relapses into his heroin abuse and is shown passed out at an unknown crack house with other drug addicts. He is later seen still intoxicated behind the wheel of Jeffrey's car his face bruised from an (off-screen) altercation at said location. Wyatt is shown to be sweating and panicing as he drives hurriedly down the street into heavy traffic. He eventually calms down and turns down a street where he accidentally hits a car and a scared Benny Young (Hanna's son and Candace's brother) who was doing a tow with another car and leaves him lying on the road and severly damages the car. It later turns out that he also hit and killed a six year old girl named Lizzie (off-screen). He returns home and tells his parents he thinks he killed someone this worries them especially since Wyatt was high when all this took place he is taken away by his angered father who sends an overhearing Hanna out (unaware that it was her son Benny Young Wyatt hit). Unbeknowst to the cryers a woman who was also at the Crack house wyatt had went to lost her daughter during his hit and run managed to get a good luck at him and describe him and the black sedan. 

Season 2Edit

Wyatt has committed a hit-and-run which killed a young girl and hospitalized benny young leading him to be placed on life support with his condition growing worse than before. Wyatt is woken up by his parents who asked of what he remembers he told them that he got into altecation with some people who were trying to carjack him but that revelation is brushed aside. His parents then ask about the night when he told them of him believing he killed someone with his car. At first,he thinks it's a dream but the tone of his parents tells him he's awake and that he did hit a person(s) wyatt quickly asks if they are okay. Katheryn says yes but his father tells him in a serious tone "A little girl is dead! A man is in the hospital because you wanted heroin! You wanted to get high and you did so you ran over her and you killed her !!!" Overcome by guilt wyatt breaks down and is told by his father that he wasn't driving and asks him what car he used in the incident as his car is in the garage. Wyatt reveals he used jeffrey's car and does not remember as he ditched the car alongside the road with that he and his father head out to find the car before the police do to no avail and they return emptyhanded.

Wyatt is then heard crying in his room on the computer looking up the girl he ran over as his mother Katheryn walks in and he tells her he killed an innocent little girl by getting high on heroin but his mother tells him he didn't do it wyatt tries to dissuade her before asking if he's going to jail however, katheryn says he is not going anywhere else ever again as his father is handling it. Wyatt is later visited by an angered jeffrey who asks about his car but he is informed that wyatt drove the car while high and had a wreck forcing to ditch the vehicle in an unknown location after a few tense words jeffrey cuts off all ties with wyatt and leaves the Cryer mansion. Wyatt begs jeffrey not to leave as he is the only friend he's got however, jeffrey still leaves and wyatt is left to sadly watch this before going in the house.

He is then seen in his room as jeffrey comes in while admitting he doesn't care for Wyatt like before he still cares him about him as a friend and ask if he was involved in the hit-and-run that killed lizzie wyatt tearfully confesses his deed and begs jeffrey not to turn him in as he can't go to jail. Jeffrey reveals that he won't turn him in as he stlll his friend and wyatt tells him that he hit a tow truck driver (Benny Young) after that the two are friends again and wyatt puts his trust into jeffrey. Later the two watch lizzie's funeral and apologize to each other for all the wrong they have done to one another and during their talk wyatt learns that the tow truck driver he hit was hanna's son. Now understanding why she's been taking so many days off he becomes worried that she'll turn him into the police especially since on the night of the incident he rushed home and told his parents what he did with hanna in the room at his revelation.

Throughout the rest of the season wyatt has experienced nightmares of the wreck and tells his father jim that he is considering turning himself into the police but his father tells him that if he does so his life will be over and he'll spend the rest of his life in jail. Not wanting to go to jail and not wanting to deal with the large guilt he's suffering he vows to never get high ever again to which he is praised by his father as he is moving on the right path.

Wyatt is later visited by jeffrey and he learns of benny's "death"  he is shocked and guilty at the news but that is brushed aside after he learns of the measures jeffrey's mother is willing to have control over jeffrey such as having control over jeffrey' black sedan and threatens to have him or wyatt imprisoned if he doesn't submit to her will.

Jeffrey then tells wyatt that his decision is up to him and tells to take off his clothes but wyatt tells him he's not gay and jeffrey says wyatt has made his decison he then tells wyatt to kiss him but before he could jeffery stops him and asks him how it feels to be something he's not. He tells wyatt that if he was ruthless like Candace or Veronica he would of had wyatt do anything. He says because he is not like he will not extort wyatt for all the cruel things he's done to him. Jeffrey says will handle his mother and that wyatt doesn't have to worry about anything and says he'll always be his friend they're even now. Relieved by this revelation wyatt thanks jeffrey and wishes him good luck on dealing with his mother and watches as his friend leaves the room.

Eventually, wyatt is visited by his father who tells him the police are on their way to arrest and take him to him to jail though shocked by this revelation he listens to his father. He then asks jim if he gave Veronica the car who he reveals jeffrey told him she has the car but this is brushed aside by jim who tells him that it was hanna that had told the police. Jim tells wyatt not to say anything as he is coming to bail him out in a few hours. The police arrive and tell jim that they have a warrant for wyatt's arrest on a charge of hit and run jim tells wyatt to go with the police as the police place cuffs on him as this happens wyatt begs his father for help but jim reminds him to be quiet and says he will come to get him. The police then place the cuffed wyatt in one of the cars and drive off from the Cryer Residence to the police station while jim looks after them before going into the house.      

Season 3Edit

Wyatt is at the county jail being interogated by an inspector who tries to get him to confess that it was he who hit and killed six year old lizzie and hospitialized benny young. Wyatt is shown following his father's advice by not speaking to the police even after almost throwing up and confessing after being shown the graphic picture of lizzie who is described to have look so disgusting that her funeral couldn't allow a open casket wyatt still didn't speak up. As the interrogation went on wyatt kept asking the inspector if his dad was outside only to be questioned once more about the hit and run but still gained no statement from the young cryer boy who was warned that a witness (lizzie's mother) was on their way to identify him. When it looks as if wyatt was about to be released the inspector came in and offered wyatt a cigarette an officer walked in and whispered something unknown into the inspector's ear wyatt was told he was confirmed to be the assailant by lizzie's mother. The inspector then told wyatt he was going to jail this however was a ploy created by the inspector and the D.A. representative to get wyatt to confess. Wyatt begins to get worried until the inspector "consoles" by saying he will help wyatt as he knows he isn't a bad guy, somewhat assure wyatt begins to talk about the tragic night of his hit and run by describing his altercation at the crack house and his car being a black sedan. He looks at the picture of lizzie once more and starts to cry before confessing to the hit and run that led to lizzie's death and benny's critical condition. This leads to his arrest and when his parents came in the room wyatt said he told them everything before his father told him to keep quiet about the incident. The police arrive and take wyatt into custody as the young boy calls out to his worried parents with a scared tone as his father promised to get him out.

He is eventually visited by Jeffrey (on his way to council a convict )with whom he shares the details of what happend such as the inspector telling wyatt the he would be given probation if he were to confess, how he's been calling his parents for help but receives no answer and him beginning to lose his mind wile dealing with the other convicts. The pair's conversation is broken up by an officer who replies that jeffrey wasn't allow to speak with wyatt. 

Jim later had a conference where a man named Donald (a paid prop ) pose as the person wyatt had hit with the black sedan which he had brought with him and says that he was part of a cover-up to protect his son. He stated that he wyatt did not hit lizzie and benny but he struck Donald who claimed to have not been too hurt and did not press charges against wyatt for the young man seemed to be really sorry for his actions. Jim stated that he had secretly paid donald off for his son to avoid trouble and said the DA should release his son as they have the real person who he hit and said the reason they want to see him suffer is because they hold a personal vendetta against him but says they should leave his son alone and put their efforts into hunting down the man whose really responsible for the tragedy. Wyatt is later released and while avoiding questions is returned home where he encounters jeffrey who he promises to speak with later before being examined by his mother and told to go upstairs before coming down for dinner.

Some time later his parents wonder where he is and celine tells them that wyatt is sitting outside on the veranda. When katheryn tells him to come in and eat he says he's not hungry as he is thinking about the things that have just occurred his mother tells him it will be okay but wyatt is unconvinced stating a little girl is dead and hanna's son is in the hospital because of his actions. His mother again tries to get him to come in but he replies that he has been in jail for too long and needs some fresh air to which she cooperates and leaves him to his thoughts. Jim then comes to wyatt and they have  a discussion about life to which jim says that life is "a bitch" and tells wyatt what happend is not his fault and that he can't change what happend due no matter how much it affects him and leaves his son alone. Wyatt then leaves the house in his mother's car and goes to the cemetery where he visits Lizzie's grave he places a teddy bear near the stone and tearfully apologizes to the deceased girl for running her over. As he does so the child's mourning mother Tina appears and wyatt learns of her connection to lizzie she says that many people have been visiting the grave to pay their respects before her father Michael (lizzie's grandfather) shows up and says they should go. While leaving Tina gets a good look at wyatt and recognizes him from the crack house as the man who drove the Black Sedan that hit and killed her daughter she stated outloud that it was him. Wyatt tries to play dumb with this until tina points it out to her father that wyatt did it, michael now recognizing the boy from the police station who was suspected of being the hit and run driver accuses wyatt as well. Scared wyatt quickly runs to his car while being pursued by an angry Michael who doesn't make it in time but bangs on the car crying as he states wyatt did it. Wyatt then drives off from the cemetery as michael tearfully hugs tina and the two cry profusely at lizzies' grave. Because of his actions at the cemetery wyatt was identified as the driver by Tina as said by the officer that Jim had do survilliance on Hanna Young.        



James"Jim" CryerEdit

Is Wyatt's overbearing father, a judge who later runs for governor. He is well aware that his son has a drug problem and has apparently spent quite a large amount of money in different treatments trying to help his son get clean. Jim is almost never affectionate with his son and Wyatt carries a large chip on his shoulder because of this. However when Wyatt relapses and has a hit and run which took the life of a little girl and incapictated benny young jim shows his fatherly affection for wyatt by going through intense measures to keep him out of jail. This love is shown again when jim was talking to david about the incident and says in a tearful moment that the thing he's worried about most rather than the governor campaign is his son going to prison for the rest of his natural life. Throughout the second season jim is shown going through great lengths to protect his son and has become proud that he wouldn't turn back to drugs in his alone time and talks him out of turning himself in. In the second season finale after hanna told the police that wyatt is the culprit behind the hit and run jim immediately rushed home to warn his son about the authorities coming to arrest him and take him to jail. Jim assured his scared son that he will be in jail for a couple of hours and that he will bail out while telling wyatt to remain silent as he is interrogated though scared wyatt trusted his father and walked out hte house to be arrested. Once the moment occurred jim repeated his advice when wyatt was being handcuffed and promised to get him out . Later when wyatt confessed to his actions his father is shown deeply worried as his only son is going to jail he rushes into the interrogating room and tells his son not to say anymore but wyatt tells him it's too late. As he was being escorted out by police wyatt called out to his dad in a sad tone while jim looked at his son with a face that seemed deeply worried. Jim would later falsify a story that wyatt did not run over benny and lizzie but rather a man named Donald (a paid prop) and this had caused the DA to negioate over a deal to release wyatt. Once jim got wyatt out of jail he took his son home where his mother sent him upstairs and thanked Jim for bringing him back and the judge's reply was "He's my son too" another show of his love for wyatt. 

Katheryn CryerEdit

Katheryn is Wyatt's distanced and long suffering mother, who, like Jim does not seem to appear to care much for her son. She has very little interaction with him and is not pleased with his lifestyle. However, like his father katheryn's parental side was shown when came to the home bruised and claiming he thinks he's killed someone while intoxicated. While jim was yellling at wyatt for relapsing and doing a dangerous act katheryn tried her best to console him and promised to handle the situation but to no avail as jim pulled the inebriated wyatt out of the room. She watched her son sleep that night until he was woken up by his angry father and while jim gave wyatt an earful about his actions katheryn tried her best to keep everything calm however, jim carried on with his yelling. When wyatt questioned if the people he hit were okay his mother said yes while jim bluntly told him the truth and that he was responsible for a tragic incident that affected two innocents. Katheryn was left with no choice but cry when it was revealed that her only son was responsible for a disgusting act that was all over the news. She later visited him when wyatt was at home crying while looking up the little girl he killed and was very sickened at what he had done to such a young girl. Katheryn consoled him and said he didn't do it while he tried to dissuade her and state he did it calling himself an idiot for the awful act. He asked his mother if he was going to jail but katheryn said he wasn't going anywhere again and that his father(a powerful judge) was taking care of the situation. She was immensley shocked when hearing that he was arrested due to hanna and was deeply worried about her son. Katheryn was happy to see her son though still worried now that he's confess to his involment in the hit and run. But after seeing jim's evil nature she began to question outloud that maybe he should go to jail to pay for what he did to lizzie and benny as it seems he never learns from his actions. 

Amanda CryerEdit

Amanda is Wyatt's damaged younger sister. In mid season 1 when amanda was in the hospital wyatt was deeply worried about his sister and revealed that he and possibly Amanda as well, were sexually abused by members of the clergy. Wyatt appears to be very close to his sister early in season 1 as they were able to share secrets with one another and seemed to possess an ordinary sibling relationship before their respecive experiences towards the finale. In season 2 there is no direct interaction between the two as neither hardly mention the other. When learning that Amanda committed suicide, Wyatt become traumatized at the sight of her body and broke down in tears. He took his grief out on himself and their family saying that Amanda took the easy way to escape the madness in the Cryer Home.


Jeffrey HarringtonEdit

Is the son of David and Veronica Harringtons who are family friends of the Cryers. As such, Wyatt and Jeffery have known each other since they were very young. Wyatt is one of the first to find out that Jeffrey is a closeted homosexual who has harbored a secret crush on Wyatt. Jeffrey is also doing his best to help Wyatt stay clean and sober.

Romantic RelationshipsEdit


Laura is an ex girlfriend of Wyatt's, and also an ex addict. In mid season one, Laura walks back into Wyatt's life. Both still harbor romantic feelings for one another. Because she used to do drugs with him, and because he loves Wyatt, Jeffery lies to Laura and tells her that she cannot see him for at least a year. Laura then stands Wyatt up for a date. She does not answer his phone calls asking for an explanation but comes to the treatment center, where Jeffery's lie is outed.

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