Portrayed by Jon Chaffin
First appearance "Sarandon Hotel"
Gender Male
Age 32
Born October 4, 1984
(revealed in "I Am Wolf")
Occupation Thug
Residence Savannah, GA
Romantic Partners Candace Young
(childhood; revealed in "I Am Wolf")
Unknown girl (seen in "The Right Medicine")
Parent(s) Unnamed Father
Grandparent(s) Unnamed Grandmother

Warwick Mency "Warlock" Lewis is a main character and was the secondary antagonist in Season 4-5 of the haves and the have nots. Warlock is childhood best friend of Candace and Benny Young. He is known for helping Candace solve out problems whenever she asks for his help and would mostly do anything for her.


As children he would occasionally spend a lot of time at the Young's household where Hanna treated him as one of her own and would shelter, feed and clothed him. As a result, he has an endearment to Candace, Benny and Hanna.

Season OneEdit

Warlock was first introduced in "The Sarandon Hotel" when Candace was begging for his help to get revenge on Jim after she was set up by him to get kidnapped by The Malones.

He first appears in The Sarandon Hotel where he is met by the recently released Quincy Maxwell who he showed a dislike for due to his actions towards Candace. He tells Quincy he doesn't know where Candace is and warns him not to come near their location again.

In "The Power Dance", Warlock and his crew meet Candace who he informs about Benny being alive and released from the hospital as well Quincy being released. Candace is shocked to hear Quincy is out and looking for her but she soon offers War money by kidnapping Judge Jim Cryer although hesitant he agrees.

He later gives Benny the location of Quincy Maxwell when the latter slapped Hanna and while he offers to go with him.

Season TwoEdit

After War's gang kidnap Jim Cryer, they torture him in "The War Room". Jim tries to negotiate with War but he doesn't accept the terms though does Jim tell his name.

In Amanda's Room, Jim finally gives into Candace's demands and gets her money allowing War to free Jim.

War visits Benny at his new tow yard and rejects the offer to work with stating the life isn't for him. It is shown he dislikes Benny's friend and partner Mitch Malone, for unknown reasons which is returned by the latter. War realizes that Candace lied about the amount of money she got from Jim after he learns from Benny that Candace purchased him the tow yard, a house and bought herself a house. He asks Benny where she lives and when he gets there he chokes her for lying to him but sees that she has killed Quincy. In the episode "An Evil Soul", War is impressed with Candace's actions but soon gets back to the money issue. He states although he enjoyed his time with the Young's as children because of his discovery of Candace's deceit, he now has strong resentment for her citing that "you broke the code, and my heart", indicating he was heartbroken over the betrayal of his sincere love from "Candy Cane". He threatens the lives of Candace and Benny (knowing Candace might run away) if he doesn't get paid $2 million in a week. He refuses to help her dispose of Quincy's body as he will have to take some days from her time but before leaving he forces her to sleep with him which becomes a recurring theme when Candace doesn't have his money. He also prevents her from telling Benny of this arrangement as it would put him and the latter at odds.

Candace's deadline soon ends as War goes to visit Benny at his tow yard prepared to kill him even sending a cell phone video to Candace at the same time. Just when he was about to kill Benny with a hidden gun, Candace manages to get the money from the bank and contacts War tell him and has the bank representative confirm her story. War meets Candace and gets his $2 million, he forgives Candace for her lies and promises to meet at her house for a get together before he leaves. While driving he is pulled over by officers who received a tip about him and drugs in his car causing War to be arrested. As he sits in the car, he accuses Candace of doing it swearing to get revenge on her. It later turns out that War was set up by Mitch Malone who after witnessing War force himself on Candace had his family the Malone take care of War.

While in jail, War meets Jim again and the latter reveals he did a background check on War after he was freed by Candace. They continue talking and War learns Candace took over $7 million from Jim which causes him to angrily states he is going to kill Candace something an amused Jim provokes. Jim promises to get War released but threatens to turn on him once he is done with Candace as revenge for kidnapping him. However, an unfazed War reveals he has copies of Jim in several compromising positions while he was kidnapped and threatens to have them released to the public. The two soon put aside their differences and decide to take down a common enemy.

War soon gets impatient

When Mitch Malone is placed in the cell next to him, War tells him of his plan to kill Candace but Mitch is unfazed and taunts War who realizes that Mitch must have teamed up with Candace in setting him up though mitch stated he did it all by himself proving it by telling him of the exact places the drugs were. As Mitch taunts him, War is told he is to be released and he tells Mitch that he's next.

Now out War sets his intentions on locating Candace before he is visited by Hanna who tries to dissuade him from attacking her daughter but he refuses as Candace lied to him despite their previous friendship. War has his men follow Hanna to learn of Candace's location before he visits Erica at her hotel while she is sleeping with David. During their talk, he learns from her that Mitch indeed did set him up being momentarily confused by this knowledge before learning the location the young family. With his gang, he breaks into the family's room demanding Candace's location resulting in a fight between him, Benny and Mitch before he pulls out a gun on them opening fire. He and his gang retreat after a stray bullet strike Q (Candace's son) in the head killing the child.

War later receives a text from Erica about Candace being at her hotel but he reports he can't come due to the events of the motel and the death of Candace's son as Erica expresses shock at this news.

Later on, War receives a call from Jim Cryer and believes it is about Candace's son but Jim tells him he was calling about Mitch. War is confused by this before he learns of Mitch's relation to the Malone Family deducing that's how he set him up. Jim tells War that the Malone's are coming for him because of the altercation with Mitch but War states he isn't afraid.

War disregards anymore calls from Jim before he gets a call from Candace who he threatens and even tries to justify her son's death as an accident. Candace tells him he wants to meet him at the Malone's restaurant. When War's men show fear since the Malones are a mob family, War has them get in line.

He arrives and sits next to Erica, he speaks to Candace before he tries to attack but the Malones shoot him and his men down, killing them. Candace then looks at War's body with satisfaction, having avenged the death of her son.


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  • His real name and birth was revealed in "I Am Wolf".