Quincy Young
Quincy Young
First appearance "Enough is Enough"
Final appearance "My Grandson's War"
Gender Male
Age 5 (deceased)
Residence Savannah, GA
Parent(s) Candace Young (Mother)
Quincy Maxwell (Father; deceased)
Grandparent(s) Hanna Young (Maternal Grandmother)
Unnamed Grandfather (Maternal Grandfather)
Mrs. Maxwell (Paternal Grandmother)
Other Relations Benny Young (Maternal Half-Uncle)
LaQuita Maxwell (Paternal Aunt)
Quincy Sr.' Brother (Paternal Uncle, deceased) Quincy Sr.' other sisters (Paternal Aunts)

Several Cousins

Quincy Daylon Young was the son of the main protagonist and anti-heroine Candace Young and her ex-boyfriend Quincy Maxwell on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots.  He is the nephew of Benny Young and Quita Maxwell and the grandson of Hanna Young.


Quincy Jr. or "Q" was born as the son of Candace Young and notorious gang member Quincy Maxwell not much is known about his time with his parents only that his mother attempted to take him away from his father but Quincy refused to let them leave beating Candace and taking Quincy Jr. away from her. Telling Candace she could have him if she paid him fifty grand. When Candace collected the money Quincy told her that he took their son on a fishing trip and threw him off a bridge killing him. Distraught at the death of her son, Candace went to the police and gave Quincy up on two other murders he committed sending Quincy to prison. However, it turns out that Quincy really gave his son to his sister Quita where he would remain for a few years.

Season 1Edit

While not making an actual appearance, Quincy Jr. was mentioned by his grandmother Hanna who frequently asked his mother where her son was, Candace did not give an exact location only saying that he was with his father.

Season 2 Edit

When demanding to know where Quincy Jr. was Candace once more told her he was with his father and refused to give up information on their whereabouts. In conversation with a man named Michael who lost his granddaughter in a hit-and-run, she stated that she would fight for her grandson. Later on, when Quincy Sr. "visits" Hanna she questions as to where her grandson was which confused Quincy until Hanna stated Candace told her the child was with him only for Quincy to say that he didn't have the child as he was in prison for three years. Hanna once more question Quincy only for him to grab her before leaving the house. When Benny was released from the hospital, Hanna had a welcome home party for him in which Candace attended and while there Hanna interrogate Candace into telling her where her son to which she loudly state he was dead to the shock of Benny and Hanna. Candace then told them of the story of how Quincy took her son away and the reason for him going to jail. After a while Hanna talked with her daughter and told her that Quincy did not kill her son to which Candace was unconvinced but Hanna made her think about how Quincy scammed her for money and used their son as leverage. A little skeptical, Candace asked where her son was anyway only for Hanna to tell her she doesn't know but states she will find him. True to her word, Hanna questioned one of her friends about knowing of Quincy Sr.'s mother thinking the child was over there but she received no answer.

Season 3Edit

Quincy Jr. first appears when his father brings him over to Hanna Young's house and while there he cruelly hangs his son by one leg as a way of making Hanna let him in the house frantically worrying Hanna who threatens to call the police if Quincy doesn't stop but he is not intimidated and moves to leave with his son. But Hanna quickly unlocks and runs out her front door to stop Quincy after doing so Hanna looks upon her grandson who greets her with a scared "Hey Grandma". Hanna happily holds and hugs her lost grandchild as Quincy Sr. asks if she wanted him to which she stated with a firm yes and Quincy told her she can keep "Q" if she tells him where Candace was. Hanna stated she did not where but Quincy did not believe this and once again questioned her but she swore that she didn't before calling out to her friend to call the police but Quincy grabbed "Q" who begged his grandmother to help him. Hanna immediately tried to Quincy from taking her grandson but he slapped her to the ground telling her to never touch him again. With that he takes his son to his car as the young boy state he doesn't want to go with Quincy who angrily ordered him to get in the car as Hanna was forced to watch leave screaming for his grandchild to come back.

Hanna then told Benny of her encounter with Quincy and the sight of her grandson, hearing this Benny angrily went after Quincy for causing his family so much pain. While Benny was doing this Hanna immediately went to see Candace at her hotel where she told her daughter that her son was alive something that shocked Candace. Thinking, Hanna to be lying Candace did not believe it but Hanna swore that she saw and held the young boy and knew for a fact that he was alive.

A few days later, Candace visited her family where she questioned her mother over the sight of her child. Hanna told her that she saw him with Quincy and Candace asked how he looked, Hanna replied "thin" as if he hasn't been eating but she will find him no matter what.

Benny then bailed Quincy Sr. out of jail and after crashing his truck he proceeded to beat him for everything he's done to his family and demanded information on his nephew before taking a picture of Quincy with his sister deducing that's where his nephew was.

Acting on this knowledge, Benny traveled to the home of Quincy's sister Quita once she entered the home Benny followed her and stormed the house while ignoring the threats of Quita, Benny found "Q" in a bedroom with his cousins. Talking to the child who says he doesn't know Benny until the latter tells him who he is and that he's taking him to his mother but the child said that she doesn't want him. Benny tells him that's not the case and that she will be glad to see him again. Benny asked if he wants to go with him to see her to which he answers positively. With that Benny picks up his nephew and leaves the home as the boy's aunt screams at him to put him down.

Benny then takes his nephew to his mother where the boy once more reunites with his grandmother unfortunately as Hanna was hugging him "Q" reacted in pain. Worried the two question if he was hurt but he replied it was nothing however, they ask him to see and when the pull the back of his shirt up they find infected scars and burnt marks on him. They tell him they're taking him to the hospital but he states his father and aunt always said not to trust the police or doctors but his uncle and grandmother manage to persuade him otherwise. They take him to the hospital where they are told if Benny hadn't found Quincy Jr. his infection could have killed him. The Young Family are also told because of his wounds and the lack of an explanation as to how he received them they will be facing child abuse charges. As this was happening, Quincy Jr. was asked by the visiting Foster care lady and police officers as to how he earned those injuries but he says he wants to see his uncle and grandmother. The say he can only see them if he tells them who hurt them to which he replied that he was hurt while playing with his cousins. He then asks to see his uncle and grandmother who sit with him as "Q" asks his grandmother to hold his which she does with no hesitation.

Benny then asks the foster care lady to allow them to have custody of Quincy Jr. as Q bonds with his grandmother. Benny then contacts Candace telling her everything about her son and Candace speaks with the foster care lady who then permits Candace to speak with her son. The foster care lady brings "Q" the phone telling him its his mother. After getting the phone "Q" asks "Mommy" shocking Candace on the other side realizing her mother was right about her son still being alive. Q asks where her where she is to which she struggling answers by saying she's been looking for him when asks the same question he is given the same answer. Q states he hasn't seen his mother in a long time and asks Candace if she was coming to get him to which she stated she was on her way. The child states he doesn't want to go back to his father and Candace tells him he doesn't ever have to worry about going back and he says he will wait on her to come back.

The next day, Benny and Hanna return to the hospital after Q has had treatment for his injuries. As they converse in the waiting room, Candace arrives with Oscar and after confirming she is Quincy Jr.'s mother she is taken inside the room where she finds her long lost son. Happy to see him, Candace attempts to hug him only for Hanna to stop her stating his back was hurting and he just had treatment. Instead, Candace talks with her son who (while still on his meds) talks with his mother stating she looks different as she tells him she is happy to see him. "Q" then falls asleep as Candace states that she thought her son was dead and asks what happened for him to go to the hospital and is told by Hanna that Quincy had physically abuse the child. Candace asks where Q was all this time and Benny tells her he was with Quincy's sister Quita Maxwell shocking Candace who stated she looked there but couldn't find him. With this new information, Candace tearfully apologize to her sleeping son for not looking for him and letting him go through all that pain he suffered.

Candace asks the foster care lady if her son will be alright to which she is told as long he is treated now he will recover in no time. As "Q" slept Candace asked when could she take him home to which the Foster Care lady revealed that Candace's mother has asked for full custody causing an argument to break out between them ending with Candace ordering Hanna out of the room after finding out that grandparents have no rights. Candace then told her mother to leave the room which she begrudgingly does before stating she will gain custody of "Q" as Candace tells her sleeping son that she loves him.

"Q" is still at the hospital as the foster care lady visits him and compliments on how he is recovery until Quincy Sr. arrives with the intent taking back his son immediately scaring the young boy who refused to leave with his father. "Q" then paid witness to his father choking the innocent woman and begged his father to let her go which he did after a while before approaching his son. Despite his previous promise Quincy instead kissed "Q" on the head telling him "I love you little man" and walked out the room as his son wiped off the kiss.



Candace Young (Mother)Edit

Is Quincy Jr.'s mother, she loves her son very much trying to take him away from his abusive father only to be beaten and have the child taken from her instead and told that he was "killed". Candace was devastated when Quincy Sr. told her, he "killed" their child so much so that even talking about his death makes her cry. Mother and son would be separated for a few years with the mother thinking her son to be dead and "Q" sadly thinking that his mother didn't want him anymore as she didn't search for him. Upon going to the hospital and given the chance to talk with his mother "Q" referred to Candace as "Mommy" as his mother broke down on the other line happy to learn that her son was still alive. When asked where she was, Candace told him she was looking for him and was on her way to get him after hearing the child say he doesn't want to go back to his father to which he stated that he'll wait for her. When seeing "Q" for the first time in years, Candace was struck with shock and happiness as she laid eyes on her son and was in nothing but tears as she spoke to him. She then felt guilty upon learning that she unintentionally allowed him to suffer abuse from his father and aunt when she didn't look for him and tearfully apologized to her son for her actions. She also willing to argue with her mother upon hearing they both want full custody of the child once he leaves the hospital. When done arguing, Candace changing her tune told the sleeping "Q" she loved him. Despite Candace's eagerness to regain custody of her son, she was forced to leave him in the hospital after learning his father had came there looking for her and her fear led to her leaving for her own safety. In Season 4, while dealing with several problems, Candace decided to put Q in foster care as she believes he was too precious to be affiliated with her. However, in the season four finale, Benny forces Candace into giving their mother full custody of the child something she does begrudgingly.

Hanna Young (Maternal Grandmother)Edit

Is Quincy Jr.'s maternal grandmother, she loves him very much having tended to for many years until he was taken away by his parents. Before "Q" officially appeared Hanna often question Candace on the location of her grand-baby even willing to call the police if she was not given a real answer. Even when Candace told her that "Q" was dead that didn't stop her from looking as she knew for a fact that he was still alive and she would find him no matter what. When Quincy Maxwell came to the house with his son, Hanna was very shocked but elated to see her grandchild and begged Quincy to leave him with her. She even expressed worry when Quincy hung him upside down by the leg and ran outside when Quincy threaten to leave the house with his son. When catching up with them, Hanna greeted her grandson who nervously responded "Hey Grandma" which made Hanna hug and hold him after being reunited with him after a long time. Hanna was so happy that she was not willing to allow Quincy to take her grandchild away even yelling for one of her neighbors to call the police only to have the child snatched from her arms and be slapped to the ground for grabbing Quincy to stop him. She was sadly forced to watch him leave the area crying for Quincy to return with her grandchild but to no avail. When Benny found and was able to bring "Q" back to the house Hanna was again happy to see her little grandchild so much that she hugged him again. However, after discovering that he had been abused and suffered from an infected wound on his back Hanna immediately told her grandchild they are taking him to the hospital. She then went into her room where she broke down in tears at this and prayed to God for a miracle to allow her grandson to recover from his pain. While at the hospital Hanna frequently question the doctor over her grandchild's condition. As this was happening "Q" asked if he can see his grandma and uncle and when clearing up a situation with the police and foster care, they were allowed to see the young boy laying in the hospital bed, "Q" asked his grandmother to hold his hand which she did without hesitation. Hanna even asked the foster care lady to allow her to have full custody of her grandchild saying that she can give him love something that he needed after experiencing horrible pain. Once Hanna was given full custody of Q, she was elated to once more have her grandchild in her life and immediately hugged him after he was released from the hospital and took.

Benny Young (Maternal-Half Uncle)Edit

Is Quincy Jr.'s uncle, not much is known about their relationship but it is shown that Benny deeply loves Quincy affectionately referring to him as "my nephew ". Benny's love for his nephew was while he was angrily beating Quincy Sr. demanding to know his nephew's location until deducing that he might be with Quincy's sister. Once at the apartment, Benny angrily busted in looking for his nephew while ignoring the threats of the boy's aunt he finds him with his cousins, Benny asked "Q" if he knew who he was as the child responded negatively but Benny told him he was his uncle and managed to persuade him to come with him by telling him that he was taking him to his mother. Although "Q" was unsure, he left the apartment and was reunited with his grandmother though the family moment took a turn for the worst after they found he had an infected back. When Hanna considered taking him to the hospital, Benny was afraid that the police would take the child they have been looking for many years away from. At the hospital, he is alarmed to find out that Quincy Jr. could have died from his injuries if he was not brought in sooner. As "Q" was resting in the hospital bed, he begged to see his Uncle Benny and grandmother stating they were not responsible for his injuries. Benny later told his mother if Quincy Sr. tried to take "Q" again he would to protect him and the rest of his family another show of his love for his nephew. Benny had Hanna and Quincy Jr. move in his home after Hanna's burn down, Quincy Jr. was very amazed by the house and told Benny it was nice.


Quincy Maxwell (Father)Edit

Is Quincy Jr.'s father not much is known about their relationship but it is shown that Quincy Jr. is very scared of his father so much so that he begged his grandmother to save him from him as well telling his mother "I don't want to go back to Daddy". Quincy on the other hand is shown to care very little for his son as he was not above using him to get fifty grand from his Candace or obtaining Candace's whereabouts from Hanna. He was also willing to lie to Candace about killing their son when he simply brought him to live with his sister where he would stay for a few years. When confronting Hanna, he dangled his own son by the leg and coldly dragged him to his car after Hanna refused to give him the information he wanted. Later on, when Quincy came to the hospital to pick him up "Q" became scared begging his father not to take him as well as pleading for his father to not hurt the foster care lady when he grabbed her by the throat. Quincy then bent over kissed his son's forehead and told him he loved him before leaving as "q" wiped the kiss away. This shows that despite his previous actions he truly does love his son while the child resents him for all the abuse he's been put through. Quincy Jr. is unaware of his father's death.

LaQuita Maxwell (Paternal Aunt)Edit

Is Quincy Jr.'s aunt who took care of him for a few years when his father took him away from his mother. LaQuita was very abusive towards her nephew as he had a series of scars on his back that required treatment. At the hospital, it turns out his injuries that if his injuries weren't treated he would of died if they got infected showing how much pain she put her nephew through. She instructed Quincy Sr. to get him as she was awaiting a check.