Quincy Maxwell
Gender male
Romantic Partners Candace Young (ex-girlfriend)
Amanda Cryer (Interest, deceased)
Parent(s) Mrs. Maxwell (Mother)
Child(ren) Quincy Young (son)
Sibling(s) Quita Maxwell (sister)
Unnamed Brother (Brother, deceased)
Several sisters (sister)

Quincy Maxwell is one of the true main antagonists on "The Haves and The Have Nots". Quincy Maxwell is a notorious evil gang member who is the ex-boyfriend of Candace Young as well as the father of her son Quincy Young.


A few years ago, Quincy was a notorious gang member who was in a relationship with Candace Young with whom he had a son with not much is known is about their past together but Quincy called Candace the first woman he ever loved while Candace was very scared Quincy. At one point, she tried to leave him with their son but Quincy kept their son and stated she can have him back if she paid fifty grand. Candace gathered the money and paid Quincy attempting to leave with "Q" but instead of keeping his word Quincy horribly beat Candace to the point where she was hardly recognizable and took their son from her. It was also mentioned by Candace, Quincy and Benny fought when the latter discovered his injured sister. Meanwhile, Quincy would return to Candace and tell her he threw "Q" off a bridge which killed the young boy (while in reality he merely gave the child to his sister Quita) devastating Candace who then went to the police and gave Quincy up on two other murders he committed which led to him being sent to prison unaware of Candace's involvement in his arrest.

Season TwoEdit

His first appearance was in Season 2 when Veronica gets Quincy out of jail to get rid of Candace because she was causing trouble with her best friend Katheryn and her husband Jim. Upon being released from prison, Quincy snuck into Hanna Young's home where the latter expressed shock when seeing him after three years. Hanna asked Quincy how he got in the house to which he stated he snuck in through the window saying it was stupid to put bars on the inside. Hanna told him to leave but he refused and grabbing a bat she threaten to call the police to which the boy goaded her into doing so. Quincy then revealed that he was looking for Candace and intended to pay her back for giving him up and sending him to jail. Hanna was surprised at hearing this and demanded the location of her grandson to which Quincy was confused at hearing and ask how he's suppose to have his son while locked up in jail. Hanna while talking to the police once more question Quincy who got up and held her against the couch by the collar of her robe looking at her intently before leaving.

While searching for Candace, he went to Candace's apartment where he met the cryers' daughter Amanda with whom he entered a relationship with Amanda even inviting Quincy to her parent's party. While at the party Quincy found out that Jim was having affair with his ex-girlfriend Candace he ask him where she is but Jim says "I don't Know and I don't Care" while telling him to stay away from his daughter. Quincy became enraged and attacked Jim while demanding Candace's location. Quincy was close to killing the judge but Wyatt and David immediately stopped the fight by pulling him off of Jim and escorting him out. Quincy angrily told Amanda the truth about Jim and Candace's affair before leaving.

Season ThreeEdit

Quincy would later break into the Harrington home (twice) attempting to rape Veronica but she unfazed and has Quincy leave by naming the members of Quincy's family threatening to kill them if he doesn't leave. Later on, Veronica orders Quincy to beat up her son Jeffrey after telling him Candace was his apartment. After ruthlessly torturing Jeffrey whom he tauntingly nicknames "Peaches" he is given the location of a hotel Candace was at. However, Quincy breaks Jeffrey's house phone and threatened to kill him if Candace wasn't there and while leaving Jeffrey hit him on the head with a piece of the broken phone and tossed him out before locking the door. Quincy laughs at this act but warns Jeffrey he has his phone and Jeffrey will have to leave at some point where Quincy will be waiting for him. Despite Quincy's threat, he still left to find Candace allowing Jeffrey to escape the apartment. He later gets in contact with Veronica who berates him for his actions but Quincy is unfazed and when she threatens to put him back in jail he tells her he'll go back after raping her and killing her son.

Much later, Quincy show up in Hanna's house with his son Quincy Jr. aka "Q" she begs him to let him go but he stated he will if she tells him where Candace was when Hanna refused to tell him where Candace was he forcibly grabbed his son who refused to leave with him but Quincy still dragged the boy with him. Hanna attempted to protest against this treatment by grabbing Quincy by the arm causing him to slap Hanna across the face with that he gets in the car and drives off with his son. When Benny finds out about it, he gets into his car and has his friends track Quincy down and is told Quincy was spotted at a strip club. Benny finds Quincy at the club and rams his car into Quincy's before pulling him out and beating him senselessly on the ground for his actions this act leads to both men being arrested. While incarcerated at the county jail, Quincy is visited by Candace whom he "flirts" with before proceeding to taunt her when she asks where her son is at. Quincy tells Candace he will get in contact with Veronica and have her bail him and threatens to kill Candace and Benny upon release. He tells Candace if she runs he will find her and upon doing so he will kill her right in front of their son "Q." so he will hate her as much as he does. He kisses the window between him and Candace as a final taunt before proceeding to leave for his cell.

Quincy is later bailed out by Benny who gives him a ride in his truck as they ride Quincy puts on a seatbelt when benny comments on what kind a gangster wears one Quincy states "the ones that don't trust your ass". Benny asks if it was true that Quincy hit his mother to which Quincy proudly takes responsibility for and boasts about what he'll do to him and Candace. Benny speeds up the truck and Quincy asks if it was suppose to scare him but benny states that he's not trying to scare Quincy but kill him. Benny states that Quincy is his "problem" because of all the things he's done to hid family and speeds the car up a little more which causes Quincy to get worried and attempt to stop benny but this ignites a scuffle between them and has the truck spiral out of control and crashes after flipping upside down.

Benny emerges from the down truck and pulls a battered Quincy out before proceeding to ferociously beat him up for causing his family misery. Benny slams Quincy into the truck asking if he will leave his family alone to which Quincy states benny might as well kill him as a guarantee. Benny then throws Quincy on the ground and angrily questions him over where his nephew was before going through Quincy's pocket and finding a picture of Quincy's sister deducing that his nephew was at her house which. Benny then took Quincy's cellphone and called 911 while pretending to be Quincy frantically stating that he was in a bad wreck and he thinks he will die. Benny tosses the phone in the woods and places a plastic bag containing crystal meth on a now unconscious Quincy before leaving the area. Though when the police arrive at the scene the bag of meth is on the ground and Quincy is nowhere to be seen having hid behind the bushes as the authorities conduct their investigation.

Quincy would soon go to the County Hospital where unbeknownst to him the Young Family and his son were currently awaiting for the doctors to check on "Q" for his recently found infected injury. Quincy would limp into the building where he would catch the eyes of an angry Benny and a worried Hanna. Benny attempted to get up and attack Quincy but Hanna told him not to.

After being treated Quincy goes to his sister Quita's home where he is told of Benny breaking in the apartment and taking "Q" from her. She urges him to find and kill the Young family for their actions as well as bring back "Q" as she needed the welfare check she got from taking care of him to Quincy says he will. Their conversation is interrupted when the police arrive causing Quincy to hide behind the door as his sister speaks with the policewoman who before leaving gives her a card of where as well as telling her that her nephew was at the hospital. Quita once more tells her brother to get Quincy Jr. and take out the young family now that they had an idea of where their location was and Quincy tells his sister he already has a plan.

Quincy would later take a car and after accelerating it to a high speed, he drives it through the Young Family Home destroying most of it in the process. Upon exiting the car, he yells out "I got you Benny!!!" before limping away from the hole in the wrecked house as the car and explodes causing the house to catch on fire.

Quincy then goes to the hospital where he finds his son with the foster care lady after telling her that he is there to pick up "Q" as well as showing ID to prove he is his father he is told he can't reclaim custody his son due to him being abused while he was with him as well as the fact that his mother and grandmother seek custody. A bit angry, Quincy threatens the lady by grabbing her by the throat and forcing her into her chair telling her she isn't going anywhere. He approaches "Q" as the foster care lady gets up and runs to go get security, Quincy goes through some files he took from the foster care lady and finds something important (likely Candace's address) before kneeling over and telling "Q" "I'll be back for you little man" before kissing his son's forehead and walking out.

Quincy later secretly drives to Candace's new house where he watches as Benny and Hanna leave the house waiting patiently for an opportunity to get Candace. He is shown still outside in his car at the house when "Oscar" comes over, he then breaks into the house when Candace and "Oscar" have a fight. Quincy pulls the other man off of Candace and beats him before proceeding to attack Candace as "Oscar" runs out the house. Quincy continues to brutalize Candace as the latter attempts to fight back but to no avail however, at that moment Jeffrey walks in and grabbing a vase he hits Quincy on the head with but Quincy attacks Jeffrey just as Candace runs and gets a knife and stabs Quincy in the back. Angered, Quincy turns his attention back to Candace and attempts to strangle her to death but Jeffrey grabs another knife Candace dropped from her altercation with Oscar and the two stab Quincy in the back multiple times seemingly killing the latter.

Season FourEdit

A few days later, it turns out Quincy was not killed but critically wounded, he awakens and grabs Candace by her ankle and begs her to save him in exchange for giving her medication that Q needs for his asthma but says that is extremely hard to find. Candace ultimately refuses to save him listing all the torture Quincy put her through over the years and waits as he dies from his wounds. She tells Quincy that no one will miss him and sits down to watch him die. Quincy soon succumbs to his injuries as a satisfied Candace says "You're finally dead". Quincy's body is later buried in Candace's backyard by Benny Young due to Quincy being too heavy and cameras watching the house. 

Quincy's disappearance arouses the suspicions of his sister LaQuita especially when her car is found by police with Jeffrey Harrington driving it ho call breaks go