Mitchell "Mitch" Malone
Portrayed by Brett Davis
First appearance Season 2x10
Gender Male
Age 32
Born 1983
Occupation Mechanic
tow yard driver
Residence Savannah,GA
Romantic Partners Candace Young (Ex-Lover)
Parent(s) Michael Malone (Father)
Sibling(s) Sammy Malone
Grandparent(s) Mama Rose(Paternal Grandmother)
Other Relations The Malone Crime Family(Relatives)

Mitchell "Mitch" Malone is a main character on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. He is portrayed by Brett Davis


Although Mitch comes from an infamous crime family he chooses to distance himself from his family's lifestyle and live the straight and narrow path to earn an honest life.

Mitch is shown to be a good friend to Benny and Candace as he resorted to using his family connections to send War to jail and get David to back off the tow yard business.

Season ThreeEdit

Mitch is first seen with Benny as they check out a tow yard that just went up for auction both state it would be good business if they could afford it. Benny soon tells Mitch he has to leave as he informs of meeting an attractive woman who gave him her ex-boyfriend's car to which Mitch states it the girl might like Benny but the latter states that isn't the case. Benny leaves while telling Mitch to keep an eye out on the tow yard.

Season FourEdit

Benny recruits Mitch to work at his new tow yard and Mitch accepts becoming an employee at the tow yard. During one night at the yard, Mitch has an argument with a visiting War who Benny wanted to recruit but the latter denies as he and Mitch argue. A few days later, he is with a woman when he spots Candace speaking to War, Mitch and the woman hide as Mitch peeks over and overhears Candace's speaking before War takes advantage of her to his anger and disgust. Mitch goes to Candace's house to speak with her about but she reassures it is fine before kissing him for as a thanks for his concern.

Mitch soon grows suspicious of Benny as he watches the latter leaving the yard when they are very busy and when he learns that Benny was sleeping with a judge's wife which causes the man to shut off their phone lines as revenge which slows down business. At some point, Mitch enlists the help of his family and has them plant drugs in War's car and tips off the police leading to War's arrest. Mitch later goes to the campaign office to spy on David and have him turn back on the phones, while there he spots Candace with her friend Erica and tells them of War's arrest. A distressed Candace tells Mitch that War will kill her but Mitch tells him that War doesn't know him or his family. Candace shrugs this off as Mitch tells her he wasn't completely honest about his family when he and Candace were together but Candace asks him to leave which he does.

Mitch goes back to the tow yard where he interrupts a fight between David and Benny who were fighting over a gun. Mitch has Benny go inside as he speaks with David telling him to turn the phones back on but David refuses however David refuses so Mitch tells him to go answer his cellphone as he should be expecting a call which is very important. David goes to his car and answers the phone and speaks to none other than his acquaintance Mama Rose who reveals that Mitch is her grandson and threatens David into turning on the phones as Mitch is intent on getting money the right way. Mitch goes inside telling Benny he spoke with David and got the phones on and business is brought back to the tow yard. In the Season four finale, when he arrives at the tow yard Benny questions him if he something to do with War being arrested and Mitch denies it though he does asks who said that but once Benny says it was Candace and that she was lying Mitch tell him it was true. Mitch goes on tell Benny of the night he say War take advantage of Candace as Benny reacts in anger and promises to kill War. Mitch tells him he already took care of that and Benny questions him and Mitch tells Benny that he is a member of the Malone Family causing Benny to realize that's how he got David to back off and turn the phones back. As Benny questions if this means he's just like his family but Mitch denies it and state he is a normal man who doesn't do what his family does. Benny then tells Mitch that Candace mortgaged his house and the tow yard to pay off War with a $2 million loan. Mitch offers to get the money from his family though he and Benny both agree that is not a good idea as owing them would put benny's family in danger. Realizing they might lose the business, the two toast to having fun over running the tow yard and celebrate going out legally than resorting to crime to pay off their loan.



Malone Family (Family)Edit

Mitch is revealed to be apart of the Malone Family as he is the grandson of Mama Rose. Mitch chooses not to join his family's criminal activities and tries to make money the right way. It is shown that despite his disgust for his family's actions, he still goes to them for help whenever there is a situation such as when he had them frame War for taking an advantage of Candace or when he had threaten his David to get him to turn the phone lines at the tow yard back on. However, he is aware of the dangers of asking too many favors from them as shown when he realized that borrowing money from them to pay Candace's loan would possibly put Benny's family in danger.

When they learn that War had shot at him, Mama Rose questioned him on who did it but Mitch wouldn't tell them but Benny informed them of the culprit's identity and where to find them. With this information, Mama Rose quickly plan a retaliation against War for his actions as they couldn't allow someone to get away with shooting at their family, showing that his family still cares about him.


Benny Young (Friend)Edit

Mitch Malone is shown to be a good friend of Benny's, as the latter was quick to recruit him to work at his new tow truck business. Mitch is happy Benny gave him a new job but is suspicious of Benny's recent activities (when the latter helps Candace cover up Quincy's death). Mitch suspicions grow when he learns Benny was having an affair with Judge David Harrington's wife which causes their phone lines to be turn off. In the season four finale, Mitch has to tell Benny that he saw Candace being taken advantage of by War and that he got him arrested by setting him up because the latter was going to kill him (Benny) because Candace didn't pay him. Benny questions Mitch and the latter is forced to reveal he is apart of the Malone Family but reassures the worried Benny that he is not working with him (Mitch) not his family relieving the surprised Benny. When Benny revealed the loan Candace had on the yard, Mitch offered to get the money but both agreed that getting the money from his family would put Benny and his family in terrible danger. The two then toast to having fun running the tow yard business and celebrate going out the legal way and not resorting to crime.

Candace Young(Ex-Girlfriend/ Friend)Edit

In the past, Candace and Mitch were romantically involved but broke up at some point. Despite this they appear to be on good terms, as Mitch was very worried for Candace when he saw her being taken advantage of by War and questioned her about but Candace assured him it was fine and kissed Mitch thanking him for his worry. To protect Candace, Mitch had his family plant drugs in War's car to send him to jail. When Mitch told Candace, she was worried as Mitch tries to tell her that he was looking out for her and says War and Candace don't know Mitch's family or what they can do but Candace ignores this and has Mitch leave. Erica noted that Mitch still seems attracted to Candace but Candace says they broke up a long time ago. Mitch and Candace were unaware that Mitch's family held Candace hostage with both being shocked by these connections. Candace couldn't believe Mitch came from such a family and understood how he set War up while.



It is shown that Mitch is on hostile terms with War as he told Benny not recruit him in the tow yard. In return, War was very hostile to Mitch and shrugged off his threats. Mitch's dislike of War increases when he spots him taking advantage of Candace. Mitch even had his family put drugs in War's car and tip off the police sending War to jail. Mitch wasn't worried about War coming after him as he knew he had his family watching out for him.