Maggie Day
Maggie Day
Portrayed by Allison McAtee
Gender Female
Occupation Campaign Manger
Residence Atlana, Georgia
Parent(s) Unknown
Other Relations David (Employer; crush)
Jim Cryer (Employer)
Landon Payton (co-worker; friend)

Maggie Day which is possibly short for Margaret is a supporting character introduced in Season 2 until she became a main character in season 3. She works for Jim Cryer and David Harrington serving as their governmental campaign manager and has huge crush on David.

David HarringtonEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 3Edit



Jim CryerEdit

Jim is one of her employers.

David HarringtonEdit

David is one of her employers. Maggie is sexually attracted to him. She tried to sleep with him in a hotel. David's wife Veronica knew Maggie liked David before there was a sign that she did after David becomes very upset with his wife not answering his calls he attempts to cheat on her but realized it was the wrong thing to do so. Instead he has a talk with Maggie when she tells him that it was also the wrong thing to do to commit fornication with that the two remain as friends until Veronica came in the room. Accusing Maggie of having sex with David she attacked the latter which caused David to intervene and attempt to explain everything to Veronica that he has never did anything with Maggie, she constantly continues denies and accuses him that he did something and storm out of the hotel upset and betrayal. While at Jim's campaign ceremony, Veronica states she still does not trust Maggie and is watching her every move.

Landon PaytonEdit

Landon is her gay friend that has a crush on Jeffrey.


Veronica HarringtonEdit

The two had a great start in season 2 which Maggie helped Veronica with things and situations like trying to find out who ran Hanna's son Wyatt over after David becomes very completely upset with his wife actions which find out that her son was gay and still does not accepting her son is homosexual which he tries to call his wife but she does not answer so he begins to go cheat on her but realize it was the wrong thing to do so he and Maggie remained friends until Veronica accuses Maggie of having sex with David which the two got into a little cat fight which now Veronica does not trust Maggie around her husband when she's not there at the campaign and feel Veronica is now watching her every move.