Jeffrey Harrington
Portrayed by Gavin Houston
First appearance "The Big Surprise"
Gender male
Employer Higher Hope Rehab Facility
Occupation Life coach
Residence Savannah, GA
Romantic Partners Wyatt Cryer (First Love)
Melissa (dated and impregnated)
Landon Payton (One-night stand)
Justin Lewis (Boyfriend/Friend)
Parent(s) David Harrington (father)
Veronica Harrington (mother)
Child(ren) Unborn child (By Melissa)
Sibling(s) Several other siblings (brothers and sisters, miscarriages)
Unnamed brother (Older Brother, stillborn)
Grandparent(s) Unnamed Grandfather (Maternal Grandfather, deceased)
Unnamed Grandmother (Maternal Grandmother)
Other Relations Candace Young(Friend and Supporter)
Amanda Cryer (Friend and Roommate, deceased)

Jeffrey Michael Harrington is a main character in Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots. He is the only child of David and Veronica Harrington.


Jeffrey was born and raised by Over time Jeffrey began to develop an attraction to Wyatt to the point where he would fall in love with him. At some point, he was employed as a life coach for his mother's recently opened Rehab facility.

Season OneEdit

Jeffrey is introduced in the Pilot episode, when he and Wyatt return from the latter's latest stint in rehab. Jeffrey acts as a sort of sober companion to Wyatt, often going overboard to help his friend stay on the straight and narrow path of sobriety. The nature of his work requires him to be at Wyatt's side 24-7.

Meanwhile, he struggles not to get too close, complicated by the fact that he has long had secret romantc feelings for Wyatt, of which the latter appears to be blissfully unaware. Wyatt attempts to hook Jeffrey up with Candace during a visit to the apartment she shares with Amanda. However, Candace senses Jeffrey's discomfort and takes him into another room to be alone, where he admits to her that he is gay.

He later comes out to his parents while his father was alright the situation his mother reacted in a different with disastrous results; she is unwilling to accept that his sexuality is who he is and tells him she would rather have a son who prefers women. Veronica left the room as jeffrey started to cry and was consoled by his father David who had acted on his earlier statement that he was still their son and he would always love and accept him.

Season TwoEdit

Jeffrey has been cut off financially by his mother who refuses to give him a dime until he submits to her demands this forces jeffrey to move in with Candance and Amanda. Jeffrey is depicted to have adjusted with his sexuality and is hoping his mother will allow him to get back into his mother's good graces but to no avail as she still adamant to her word. Jeffrey has confronted wyatt over the whereabouts of his car and cuts off the pair's friendship after learning that wyatt drove the car while high,had a wreck and was forced to abandon the car at an unknown location. Jeffrey later discovered that Candance is helping Amanda in suing her parents and warns her over the consequences but candance is unafraid and thinks of herself as a girl who can handle all sorts of problems. At that moment he also discovers in a newspaper that a black sedan was used in the hit and run that killed lizzie and injured a man (unknown to both it is candace's brother) remembering that wyatt had drove his car (a black sedan) and reading that the man matched wyatt's description. Jeffrey confronted wyatt over his involvement in the incident which led wyatt to break down and apologize for his actions. While jeffrey admitted that he no longer cares for wyatt's actions he promises not to turn him in because of their past friendship but he was very shocked to learn that wyatt also hit a tow truck driver. Remembering that Candace has not been in contact with her brother who is also a tow truck driver jeffrey put the two together and told candace (without mentioning wyatt was behind it) that benny was hit by the same person that killed lizzie. Sometime later jeffrey is with wyatt watching the funeral of Lizzie they are shown apologizing to each for their past actions and while they talk jeffrey reveals to wyatt that the tow truck driver is hanna young's son. This worries wyatt who now realizes the reason for her taking so many days he states that hanna was in the room on the night of the incident and jeffrey assures wyatt not to say anything else about the incident or he'll go to jail along with wyatt.

Season Three Edit

Jeffrey is still paranoid about the car situation his mother assignment him to go on a date with a girl name Melissa who becomes more like a little stalker which they both got drunk and have sex the next day and the car he told his mother that he hated it Veronica told tell him that he had to do it over and over again until he is interested in having sex with women. His time with his friend Candace (who became his supporter in season 2) soon erupts into many situations in which her brother arrives at his apartment and he accidentally kisses him. Candace also started to become suspicious and suspects that his mother is blackmailing him of unknown incident (in reality the car that Wyatt ran over Benny and Lizzie with) and when she noticed that Veronica was at his apartment.

Jeffrey also had to deal with his creepy stalker Melissa was at his apartment who was becoming more obsessed and attracted to him trying have sex with him until she said the repeat words of his mother says in the car which made him more suspicious how long has she been talking to his mother active at campaign ceremony which his crush was there to support Jeffrey notice he was with Melissa which a woman who was gay rights representative asked his mother does she support gay rights she made a public speech. After the public speech, his mother fired Landon after he embarrassed her he also notice that Jeffrey was not happy about all of this and kissing the guy that he likes shocking Melissa and tell her that he's gay.

After discovering on the news which he was shocked and discover Amanda committed suicide after going to the Cryer'S house he comforts his best friend/crush trying to cheer him up tell him that he is sorry for the loss of his sister until his mother Veronica becomes physically angry see Jeffrey hugging his best friend David tell her this was not the right place at the right time to do it after becoming more physical angry she decided to let it slide until Wyatt's mother finally snapped into physical rage and emotions of losing her baby girl slapping Wyatt in the face to which Jeffrey takes him to the kitchen. Veronica then orders Melissa to go into the kitchen as well.

Melissa shows no surprise when Wyatt tells her that Jeffrey is gay which his crush at the campaign told her already. Jeffrey noticed that wyatt demons are coming back which he tells him nicely to stop until Melissa goes home. Later on in the night, Jeffrey and Wyatt are still talking in the kitchen where Jeffrey tells the latter to stop drinking and tries to take the alcohol away from him until Wyatt threatened takes the bottle of alcohol and bust him in his head. Wyatt then states that he has gotten tired of everything; his father cheating on his mother with Celine and Candace and the car veronica is using to blackmail Jeffrey to force him to go with women. Wyatt states that he intends to confess to the hit and run until his father walks in having heard everything wyatt said which cause father and son to get into a fight until it's broken up. Veronica told Jeffrey to get off of him at which he began rubbing his down Wyatt's head as way of telling her no. David then tells him to talk to wyatt but his mother at which he does and along the home he calls Candace to tell her the news that Amanda committed suicide which she already got the messages with that done he goes home to his apartment.

Jeffrey arrives to his home where he finds a man sleeping in his bed and thinking this was a prank from Candace he awakens the man. However, to his shock the man turns out to be Candace's ex-boyfriend Quincy who asks him where Candace was though Jeffrey tells him he doesn't know where she is and asks Quincy to leave, he states he isn't going anywhere. Quincy then reveals Jeffrey's mother told him Candace was at the apartment and to beat up the latter. Quincy then asks what's the password so he can track down Candace, Jeffrey refuses to do it and when given his phone to call Candace he instead uses it to call his mother and asks her why was Quincy at his apartment in the first place in which she told him to give the phone to Quincy.

Jeffrey gives Quincy the phone and listens in on their conversation and is shocked when it turns out Veronica did in fact tell Quincy that Candace was at his apartment. Quincy gives Jeffrey back his phone to talk with his mother who tells Jeffrey to give Quincy Candace's location at which he refused to do so. Veronica then tells her son, Quincy will have to hurt him as she has gotten tired of him playing games and immediately hangs up. Quincy once more asks of Candace's location only for Jeffrey to deny him again which leads to him and Jeffrey getting into a fight. Jeffrey does pretty well but Quincy wins the fight by using brass knuckles handlebar to seriously hurt Jeffrey's arm and ribs really bad.

Jeffrey then begs Quincy to stop beating him which causes Quincy to ask Jeffrey again unlock his and phone to call Candace ask where she was located. Jeffrey refused to do it until Quincy threatens to beat him again. Quincy then got Jeffrey up and taunted him by saying if Jeffrey was in prison he'd be known by the nickname "Peaches". Jeffrey couldn't get Candace to answer and had to tell Quincy that she was at a hotel which made Quincy tell Jeffrey if she was not where he said she was he and Jeffrey will come back to the apartment and he would murder Jeffrey before he breaking Jeffrey's house phone. As Quincy moves toward the door, Jeffrey grabs the broken phone and uses it to hit Quincy in the back of his head. Jeffrey then pushes Quincy out and quickly locks the door however, Quincy taunts him by telling him he still has his phone and he would wait for him to come back out before calling him peaches again and laughing. Jeffrey then became paranoid as he slowly opens the door and noticed that Quincy was not there which told him it was safe to exit the apartment. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jeffrey immediately left the building before Quincy could return however, it later shown that Jeffrey gave Quincy the wrong location for Candace's safety. By the time Quincy returns, he angrily kicks open Jeffrey's door but he is nowhere to be seen.

David begins to look for Jeffrey but he was nowhere to be found he noticed that his door was busted open which he call his wife Veronica and questions her over where their son is and she tells him she does not know where his location. However, he tells her that their son was missing and there was blood and glass everywhere all of which was music to her ears as she heard that the news. David angrily brought up the possibility of their child being beaten to death hearing this, Veronica hangs up and calls Quincy on Jeffrey's phone.

During the talk, she asks him why did he beat him as she gave him a warning not to kill Jeffrey but to hurt him in a way where he would have a few scratches. Quincy tells her that he gave her son a beating and he's still alive but since Jeffrey gave him the wrong location to find Candace, he tells her that he was going to kill him. When Veronica tells him in a threatening way not to hurt her son and that she will send him back to prison, he mentions that he's going to be charged with the murder of her son and sexual assaulting her.

Meanwhile, it turns out Jeffrey was at the hospital where the doctor tells him of his condition in which he suffered from broken ribs which the doctor explained to him that he needs to rest so they can heal.

He later goes to Candace's hotel room where he meets up with her and his father, they talk and Candace tells him she noticed that everytime she calls Jeffrey his phone always go straight to voicemail. Candace deduces that Quincy was behind the attack and that Jeffrey sent him to random location to protect her. Candace sees that Jeffrey really cares about her and him stating that he doesn't want to lose another friend like he did with Amanda as she hugs him and thanks him for keeping her safe.

Candace, Jeffery and Landon are sitting having drinks when Melissa comes and asks Jeffery can he talk to her. Jeffery and Melissa goes to Jeffery's hotel room when she tells Jeffery that she wants to be with him and she wants to have sex with him. Jeffery refuses letting Melissa know that everything that people are telling her about him being gay is true. But Melissa won't budge and continues to spend time with them. Candace walks in on the conversation to try to uncover what is actually going on. She finds out that Melissa was known stop going to the hospital, talking to Veronica and a test that shows she is fertile to have kids. Melissa takes all of her things and walks out and Jeffery gets a phone call from his mother, Veronica. Veronica tells Jeffery to come see her. Candace tells Jeffery not to go over there but he decides to go anyways.

At the Harringtons house, Veronica tells Jeffery that Melissa is pregnant and that he'll have to marry her. She goes onto him that him being gay is disgusting which is when Jeffery snaps letting his mother know that he isn't going to let her threaten him anymore and he hates that he loves her. Jeffrey tells her he will do whatever he wants with whoever he wants. He tells his mother to go to hell before walking out the house going back to his hotel room.

At his hotel room, Jeffery calls Landon to come over. Landon comes in the room to see if Jeffery is okay. But Jeffery in a sudden instant throws Landon on the bed, takes off his shirt, gets on top of him and kisses him in the process of having sex.

After sleeping with Landon, he is shown to still be brooding as Landon asks if they should continue but Jeffrey refuses. Getting the message, Landon asks who the man Jeffrey is in love with at which the two get in an argument that is stopped by a knocking Wyatt. Wyatt enters the room and an awkward moment ensues between the three ending with Wyatt leaving the room. Landon deduces that Jeffrey is in love with Wyatt, a straight man who is not interested in him in anyway. Landon warns Jeffrey he is setting himself up for heartbreak but it is interrupted when Jeffrey gets a call and is told of a fire burning down his parent's home. Rushing to the house, Jeffrey finds his parents outside asking about their condition. He takes note of his parents' behavior and quickly asks David if Veronica was responsible for the situation when David tries to change the subject, Jeffrey again asks if she did it.

At Amanda's funeral, he tries to get Candace to leave or she'll face the Cryer's wrath but Candace insists on staying stating Amanda was her friend to which Jeffrey states otherwise but watches as she is invited to the wake. Back at the Cryer Mansion, Jeffrey is in the kitchen talking with Landon the two are interrupted when Wyatt enters but soon leaves after insulting the two allowing the two talk once more. Landon once again states Wyatt is straight and doesn't want him as Jeffrey states he doesn't want Landon either only for the latter to bring up their encounter.

Melissa, Veronica and David soon enter the room as Landon leaves laughing at the situation. David tries to get Melissa to leave but Veronica says Jeffrey wants Melissa to stay only for him to calmly tell them both to leave.

Melissa says she wants to talk with Jeffrey and the go outside just as Candace arrives wanting to know why Melissa's there as she told her Jeffrey is gay and not interested in her. Melissa tells Jeffrey she's pregnant and soon listens to how Melissa's father has cancer and how her mother owes Veronica a large sum of money. Melissa tells Jeffrey that she had to sleep with him in order to give Veronica a grandchild or else her father will die due to not being able to pay for his cancer treatments. Candace then arranges for Melissa to come to her hotel room that night.

Later, Jeffrey calls David to tell him, Veronica canceled his credit cards and he can't access his hotel room. David then has Jeffrey's bill put on his credit card allowing Jeffrey to enter his room. Jeffrey goes to Candace's room where he is given 10 grand to which he denies taking being suspicious and the fact that his father will being giving him money. Melissa arrives and takes a pregnancy test Candace gives her. Soon afterwards, Melissa comes back with the test and Candace finds its positive to Jeffrey's dismay but Melissa tells him they could make this work. However, Jeffrey tells her she can't have the child as he doesn't want to be a father but Melissa shows her true colors by refusing to have an abortion and threatens to go after Jeffrey for child support if his mother backs out of their agreement and leaves the room in anger. Jeffrey then speaks to Candace about what he intends to do now that he's expecting a child only for him to say he doesn't know with that he leaves.

He soon goes to David who gives him money to get on his feet, the two have a conversation about what Jeffrey plans to do to which he reveals his plans on getting his degree and getting a job. The talk soon shifts to Veronica with Jeffrey asking how David cans still be with her despite knowing she tried to kill him in the fire and ordered Quincy to beat him but his father states that Veronica is having some problems. Jeffrey says that the problem is that Veronica is not in control like she used to being and is acting just plain evil. He goes on further with his point by saying David should be with Maggie Day in order to truly be happy. David then states he loves Veronica and he needs to look past her flaws and asks Jeffrey if he's ever been in love to which his son reveals his interest in Wyatt and how its hard to let go.

Jeffrey then reveals Melissa is pregnant and how it was Veronica's manipulations that led to it. David talks with Jeffrey about this issue and says that Jeffrey being gay is really an issue to his mother's health but tells him not to take shame in how he lives his own life. He apologizes to Jeffrey but the latter says to feel sorry for Veronica who is in dire need of help.

Jeffrey returns to his apartment only to find it locked however, he was surprised to find Melissa opening the door. Jeffrey asks what's she doing at his apartment to which she revealed that it is her apartment shocking him as she tells him her name is on the lease and Veronica gave her the apartment. He then notices all his belongings are gone as Melissa tells him veronica gave her money to buy new things for the apartment to get everything ready for the baby. Jeffrey speaks against this as Melissa tells him no matter how much he protests a baby is on it's way, Jeffrey tells her that he doesn't want to be father this way to which she counters by giving him a newspaper to reveal that Veronica had put an engagement announcement between the two. Jeffrey is beyond words when he sees that Veronica has done something like this and states he won't be at the wedding to which Melissa states if he doesn't veronica will humiliate him. She tells Jeffrey veronica has them both where she wants them but Jeffrey rebukes that by saying she has her not him.

Melissa confirms this but states she love her parents and is willing to do anything for them and notes the same is for him however, he denies that he won't play into mother's manipulations and attempts to leave. Before he does Melissa questions as to how veronica blackmailed him and why does he let her treat him the way she does to which replies that she doesn't and leaves the apartment.

Jeffrey still helps his best friend who is in danger of freaking out (after being sexually assaulted in prison) but he just tells a worried Jeffrey that his father put him in jail for a few days. Jeffery tells Wyatt he still has his back which however, he is visited by Landon who he tell to go as he is dealing with something just as his mother shows up angry at the sight. Veronica states she had decided to go to the hotel to check on him only to find him with Landon. Veronica asked him why he didn't decide to see Melissa, Jeffrey tells Veronica he has no desire to see her as she tries to blackmail him by reminding him his "girlfriend" is having his child and threaten him to go see Melissa. He tells her that her threats are getting old and decided to kiss Landon right in front of her, leaving Veronica in complete disgust. As usual she walks away, as Jeffrey tauntingly tells his mother to stay while he and Landon do other thing. Landon soon spots Wyatt and asks if Jeffery and Wyatt have done anything he tells on he's just there to support him. The next day, Wyatt wakes up but is still freaked out (after the sexual assault that he had in prison) Jeffrey ask him why he was in a hurry to leave. Wyatt accuses Jeffrey of trying to do something inappropriate to him however, Jeffrey angrily tells him that he is gay and he has to deal with it. Wyatt apologizes and tells Jeffery he just couldn't take being at home anymore due to recent experience. He tells Jeffrey that he been raped in jail which shocks Jeffrey but after seeing his friend's emotional response tells him no matter how hard it was hurting him he would continue to support him no matter what.

Jeffery soon gets a call from his father who requests that he come see him. At the campaign office, Jeffrey tells his father David that he needs to stop protecting his insane mother as David tells him that he loves her no matter what and will always be there to support her even all the wrong things that she has done however, he states she has issues but she is not crazy and states even if she was he still loves her.

Jeffrey soon goes to stay with Candace to get away from all the drama that he's been through and still tries to support his friend Wyatt who states Jeffrey is the only person he trusts. Later on, Jeffrey visits Candace's house and while shocked about great the house he is told she will let him live there since he has no place to go and it'll be like the time when they shared her apartment. Jeffrey then accompanies Candace as she looks for her brother at his tow yard company where he finds much to his shock and horror his old car, which his mother has been blackmailing him since season 2. He leaves with Candace and goes to the hospital with her to visit her son while there he secretly calls Wyatt telling him about how he found the car causing Wyatt to become completely shocked at the news.

Jeffrey then goes to Candace's house who was completely shocked that Oscar had blackmail her by stealing the four million dollars that she secretly got from Jim who she thinks appointed Oscar to take the money back as he tries to wrap his head around how Candace lost money and what part Jim plays into this, Candace calls Jim and Oscar who states he will go to Candace's house to get his money back from her. Jeffrey then leaves and meets up with Wyatt and the two go to the tow yard where the car is while there Jeffrey sees his mother's car pull up in the lot confusing him for a moment. He and Wyatt then examine the car and while doing so he discovers that his mother is having an affair with Benny, to which he watches in horror as wyatt begins to videotape it with his phone. However, Jeffrey did not want him to disrespect his mother even more and tells him to stop but Wyatt told Jeffrey that he will text him the video once it's done recording.

Jeffrey then heads back to Candace's house and arrives to find her attacked by her ex-boyfriend Quincy Maxwell who had went to the hospital stealing the paper of her location and discovering where she lives. As Candace struggles in an attempt to get the ex-convict off her, Jeffrey hits him in the head with a large flower vase getting him off Candace. However, Quincy become completely enraged at seeing Jeffrey again and they get into another fight just as Candace runs into her kitchen and grabs a kitchen knife and stabs Quincy in the back. Quincy is unfazed by the stab and turns his attention back to Candace almost choking her to death. Fortunately, Jeffrey seeing another knife that was left on the floor Candace's fight with Oscar quickly seizes the stray knife and stabs Quincy in the back as Candace helps Jeffrey by stabbing Quincy in the stomach when the latter attempts another attack on Jeffrey. The two proceed to stab Quincy in the back multiple times which ends up killing the latter as Jeffrey and Candace look at each other in complete shock and horror at what has transpired.

Season FourEdit

Candace and Jeffrey both very shocked what they just did however, Jeffrey begins to call the police but Candace quickly grabs his phone throwing it in the sink and destroys it by turning on the garbage disposal. Candace tells Jeffrey that both of them cannot go to jail while Jeffrey states it was self-defense however, he begins to freak out as Candace informs since they stab Quincy multiple times it won't look that way. Later on, after drowning his worries in alcohol Jeffrey drunkenly drives Quincy's car until he was stopped by an officer named Justin who insults him because of his sexuality. Jeffery is put in jail but however, he was released to his relief as he did not want to see his mother after all the insults that she put him through and the manipulation.

He returns to Candace's house where he spots police with two people one of them by Quita Maxwell, Quincy's sister (who had snuck in Candace's house looking for Quincy). The police spot Jeffrey telling him to come over as they question Quita if they know each other until she is told his name and him driving her car. Quita quickly asks a nervous Jeffrey where her brother was as he tells her he doesn't know. The police tell Jeffrey that they managed to find Quincy's phone but cannot find him (which unknown to all he was buried in Candace's backyard by Benny Young). Candace's nosy neighbor arrives still asking about why Quincy never came out of the house but Jeffrey states he doesn't know.

The woman calls for her son Justin (the officer that arrested Jeffrey) to come forth the two go in the house where Justin tells Jeffrey he did a background check on him and asks him of his relationship with Candace as he is suspicious of Jeffrey demanding to know what occurred that made his superiors want him to investigate him. Justin almost raped Jeffrey but the latter fought back and Justin pulled a gun on him and left the house. The police then leave with LaQuita and her friend as Jeffrey sighs in relief.

Sometime later Candace returns and the two begin to relax however, Veronica got out of jail and went over to Candace's house where she proceeds to tell Jeffrey to move in with her so that he could marry Melissa but he refuses and she says he needs time to think it over. Before leaving she pours something on the floor which that could attract blood of the location where it was at which meaning that she has found out about them killing Quincy ahead of time.

The two are shocked and wonder what to do as Candace tells him to do as Veronica says for now but Jeffrey refuses to allow her to control him again but Candace says to do it until she has a plan but he states he is sick of her and his mother's manipulations and wishes to be like them before leaving.

Jeffrey goes to the Sarandon where he meets up with Landon and they talk before Landon finds out from the Internet that Maggie got shot at Veronica's house. Jeffrey realizes that mother may have had something to do with it but keeps it to himself. A woman comes up to flirt with but he shrugs her off as one of her friends recognizes him as David and Veronica Harrington's son while revealing she is a judge in charge of their trial. Her husband arrives and it turns out to be Justin who is angry at Jeffrey for talking to his wife who leaves to let Justin handle it.

Justin confronts Jeffrey for speaking to his wife while Jeffrey, who instead of being intimidated invites Justin to his room where he propositions and tells Justin that he can tell Justin is a closeted gay who became a cop because of his mother's commands. Justin states that isn't the case and Jeffrey threatens to expose this secret causing Justin to be silent. Justin and Jeffrey then sleep together as Justin remained adamant about not enjoying the encounter causing Jeffrey to leave him handcuffed as he tries to get free which he later does and leaves the hotel. Through this encounter, Justin became Jeffrey's lover as Jeffrey threatened to reveal Justin's secret and their encounter.

Jeffrey later goes to see Landon (who had an unfortunate encounter with Candace) has decided to leave town as he believes Candace, the Cryers and Harringtons are all up to something while stating hew can't trust Jeffrey anymore.

Jeffrey goes to Veronica's house where he sees Melissa who is still willing to go along with Veronica's plans as she still believes Veronica will help her family. Jeffrey tells Melissa that she is in denial as his mother is forcing him to be with someone who he has no interest in however, it revealed that Melissa cannot stand his mother and hates her with passion. Melissa tells Jeffrey if he has plan where he gets to be free and her family is supported she is in but until then they have to keep up this charade.

However, things get worse as Jeffrey finds out from Veronica that Katheryn has just told her that Wyatt had died causing Jeffrey to break down before Veronica silences him and offers to take him to the Cryer house to grieve over his dead friend. At the Cryer house, Jeffrey cries along with Katheryn until Veronica states real men don't cry and orders him to stop crying and wipe all those tears until Katheryn states that she understands that Jeffrey had loved him which causes Veronica to became very disgusted especially when Hanna goes to comfort Jeffrey telling him it was okay to cry as Veronica told Hanna to get off her son but Hanna told her as soon as she gets off her son (after she found out that Benny and Veronica have sex). Jeffrey sits down as Veronica tells they are leaving but he refuses and she starts to insult him as he begins to lose more of his patience looking intently at a wine bottle as Veronica asks him why was he keep looking at that bottle telling his mother that he wants to hit her in the head with it but she rebukes stating the only stopping him is because he doesn't have the heart. She laughs that his words make him sound like some kind of ghetto bitch at the club however, before telling him to get up for the last time. However, Jeffrey has had it with her insults and angrily stabbed his mother shocking Katheryn, Hanna and Veronica as he left Katheryn's home.

Jeffrey is in shock at what has done before calling Justin telling he needs to see him. As he waits on Justin, he calls Candace who is shocked Jeffrey did such a thing before telling him not to worry.

Justin later arrives at the Sarandon where Jeffrey confesses to stabbing his mother as Justin contacts the station while telling Jeffrey to relax as he asks if they have a warrant for a Jeffrey Harrington but they reply with a negative. Justin denies asking them about a Veronica Harrington as it will look suspicious. Jeffrey takes Justin to Candace's house as he calls Candace to tell her what he did which shocks her as she was coming to the hotel to see him but he told her that he wasn't at the hotel he was at her house directly towards her backyard Where Quincy is buried at with Justin.

Jeffrey and Justin sit as Candace arrives and Jeffrey tells her he has confessed to stabbing Veronica and he'll most likely go to jail but Justin tells him that he got contact from the station that Veronica is alright as he is relieved she is alive but scared she will come for him. Candace tells Jeffrey they need to talk as Justin prepared to leave but Jeffrey states he wanted Justin to stay as he is his friend. However, Justin tells Jeffrey that he does not see him as a friend as he is still an officer. Candace and Jeffrey speak which ends with her leaving.

As Benny Young arrives threatening to expose Jeffrey's sexuality to his father unless Jeffrey has his father turn his business phones back on, Jeffrey is amused by this and calls David who revealed that Wyatt wasn't dead he was just passed out from the party. While speaking to his father, Jeffrey tells him that Benny Young is there and will expose hi sexuality if David doesn't turn on his phones. In response, David has Jeffrey give Benny the phone and he watches as Benny speaks to David.

Jeffrey goes to visit Wyatt at the hospital to where is relieved to find out that Wyatt didn't die. As he sits by his friend's side, Veronica walks in and threatens to make him suffer if he were to ever put hand against her in anyway before leaving.

In the Season 4 finale, Jeffrey is in Wyatt's room at the hospital where he confesses his feelings once more and starts to apologize for a list of things including Veronica having an inmate raped Wyatt which is overheard by Katheryn Cryer and Jeffrey reluctantly tells her what Veronica did before Katheryn leaves angry. Jeffrey is contacted by Justin who tells him he and his fellow officers are being called to search Candace's house and he asks if there was something he was hiding there but Jeffrey is too nervous to answer. Justin says he is the first one on the scene and he could help if Jeffrey tells him where to which Jeffrey reluctantly tells him a spot in the backyard as his fellow officers arrive and he goes to search.

Later on, Jeffrey gets a call from Melissa and his mother telling him to get ready for his engagement party but finally having enough he tells her that the police are searching Candace's house and refuses to return to her house as she has lost her trump card. When she once more demands he come over, he states he will take his chances and tells her "Go to hell Veronica".



David Harrington Edit

Is Jeffrey's father, a powerful judge who works closely with Judge James "Jim" Cryer. Jeffrey is shown not to be particularly close with either of his parents, but is least so with David. When jeffrey came out as gay, David was shocked at the revelation though unlike veronica he still showed him the same love as he did before hugging his son to comfort him after his mother scorned him. David's care for his son is shown again, when he refused to allow him to take the fall for a hit-and-run committed by wyatt who had been driving jeffrey's black sedan in said accident that killed the six year old girl and critically injured Benny Young. It would seem that this love is reciprocated as jeffrey later tells a fellow gay named Landon that although his mother isn't on his side that he still has his father who was okay with his son's lifestyle and supports it. The pair's relationship seems to be strong as David says he doesn't care if jeffrey gets involved with another man and says as long as his son is okay with his own choices then he's okay with it. He is later shown questioning veronica about the location of jeffrey's car and admonishes his wife for blackmailing her own son and refusing to let him live his life the way he wants. In the second season jeffrey and david have their first talk since he came out during their talk david tells jeffrey he does not care if he is gay as it is a characteristic of his that makes him who he is and says just as long as he's happy he will be happy as he loves his son and does not want him to be ashamed about who he is. This revelation cheers up the sad jeffrey who had thought that both of his parents were deeply embarrassed about his sexuality he thanks his father for supporting him in his lifestyle choices and wishes his mother can be like him. When the Harrington House went up in flames, Jeffery immediately asked his father if he was alright before realizing his mother was behind the fire and asked his father if she was really behind the incident. Later on, Jeffery seem alright with his father supposedly having an affair with Maggie Day as he seemed happy with her. Also when the Cryers and Harringtons were arrested and would only be convicted if Wyatt or Jeffery testified while Jeffery had no problem in testifying against Veronica, he adamantly refused to testify against his father.

Veronica HarringtonEdit

Is Jeffrey's mother a powerful former lawyer who like her husband David is close friends with the Cryer Family. Jeffrey currently works as a counselor in a drug rehab program which Veronica started some years ago. When they are first seen together the two appear to be quite close as they were seen embracing each other in a loving manner and are quite content with the other's presence. Unbeknownst to Veronica, jeffrey is gay and hides his sexuality from her (correctly) fearing that veronica would shame him and disapprove of his lifestyle. In the season one finale jeffrey came out to both his parents and the results were disastrous and while david was supportive, veronica however promptly scorned him and revealed to him her having an abortion while in college and years of countless miscarriages and said that jeffrey was suppose to carry on the harrington name and said she would never be okay with his sexuality as it is a punishment from God to have a gay son and left the room without a sign of remorse in her voice. These words left jeffrey in tears while his supportive father stayed in the room to comfort his son. In Season 2 jeffrey has been disowned by his mother who has fired him from his job, has kicked him out of his apartment and canceled all his credit cards leaving him without a home or money until he submits to her will. Later jeffrey is invited to lunch with his mother and with the help of Candace stand up to veronica and says he doesn't need her money and it is his life and he's free to do as he pleases. However, veronica reveals a trump card a picture containing something that shocks jeffrey it is his wrecked car the black sedan that was driven by Wyatt Cryer who while intoxicated hit lizzie and benny young. Veronica threatens to turn it into police and have jeffrey or wyatt arrested and place in prison if he does not submit and while jeffrey begs her to live his own life she promises he won't go to jail unless he goes out with the women she assign for him in a folder. When jeffrey does submit veronica is happy and gives him back his job and apartment but she does not care if he is unhappy about this predicament as she believes it is the only way to keep him in line. Later in season 3 jeffrey confronts his mother over supposely having wyatt arrested but veronica is quick to change the subject and reminds jeffrey to call and date the women he was assigned and call her about the date. After staying in the hotel room with Landon veronica is quick to assume they slept together and while scolding him she learns that jeffrey merely stayed over in his room after coming from his apartment while sleeping with the girl veronica assigned. Veronica is shocked but is then shown to be questioning(rather disturbingly) jeffrey over how it felt to lose his virginity he yells that he hated how it felt and veronica "comforts " him by telling him he will do it over and over until he enjoys the sensation of having sex with women. Jeffrey eventually reaches a breaking point with his mother when she had former prisoner and murderer Quincy Maxwell come to his home and beat him in a way as she put it "Beat the gayness out of that boy". Jeffrey then visits his mother and after she expresses her disgust at his homosexuality he rips into her by letting out his pent up frustration and telling her he is done with her threats and will do whatever he wants with whomever he wants and ends the rant by telling Veronica "You go to hell!" When Veronica sets the family home on fire, Jeffrey worried about her goes to speak with her as she casually shrugs him off. Jeffrey's worries fades when realizes that his mother started the fire. In the near-end of Season 3, Jeffrey learns that because of his encounter with Melissa she is pregnant with his child as Veronica had made sure to get Jeffrey with her at a certain so he would marry Melissa and raise his child. Jeffrey is beyond disgusted and sickened by his mother's actions, even more so when he catches her sleeping with Benny Young. In Season 4, while in police custody Jeffrey states he would willingly testify against his mother but not his father or the cryers as he believes she is need of help after listing all the things she has done to him. When Veronica found about Quincy's disappearance after from his sister, she realized Jeffrey had a hand in that with Candace and visited them. She taunted them with her knowledge and put him back in her control. When Jeffrey was grieving over Wyatt's death, veronica mocked his manhood continuously until he loses control and stabs her in the chest before leaving the Cryer House. It has been implied as of recently that despite Veronica's cold nature towards her son and being extremely demanding, she is beginning to recognize that after being stabbed by him and remembering the incident he suffered as a child, Jeffrey can be very dangerous, and she still wants to control him but as of recently she has began to take a little more caution. Jeffrey could not believe his action and worried for his mother's safety and was relieved she was alive but scared as she'd most likely come for him. This fear was valid as Veronica later threatens to make him suffer if he were to ever put hand against her in anyway before leaving him in a state of fear. In the Season 4 finale, gets a call from Melissa and his mother telling him to get ready for his engagement but finally having enough he tells her that the police are searching Candace's house and refuses to return to her house as she has lost her trump card. When she once more demands he come over, he states he will take his chances and tells her "Go to hell Veronica" meaning he has lost all fear and affection for her.


Wyatt CryerEdit

Wyatt is a friend of Jeffrey's and the son of his father's friend and fellow judge Jim Cryer. Because of their fathers friendship Wyatt and Jeffrey grew up together and were working closely together at the beginning of the series, as he was in Veronica's drug rehab program and Jeffrey was his counselor, hoping to encourage and help Wyatt to stay clean. Jeffrey, a closeted homosexual, has intense feelings for Wyatt and has for many years. Wyatt is secretley aware of jeffrey's sexuality but does not return the feelings. When Jeffery ruined wyatt's chance of getting back together with his ex-girlfriend laura wyatt was shocked and hurt by his friend's betrayl and told him in a cutting and unsparing moment he is neither gay or bisexual and not attracted to him in anyway leading to the termination of their friendship. Later after jeffrey visited wyatt demanding his car (which wyatt took and had a hit and run with) in this moment jeffrey told wyatt he's not his counselor or friend anymore before leaving in a taxi. As jeffrey left wyatt proclaimed him as the only friend he has and begged him to come back. The pair eventually made up when jeffrey realized the situation and although admitting that he didn't care about wyatt's habits he still showed that he had concern for his friend and promised not to turn him in but however doing a few episodes Jeffrey feelings for him begin to fade away. When Wyatt's old habits returned after agreeing to testify against his parents, Jeffery was disgusted as Wyatt boasted he was about to obtain his large inheritance as a way to be safe from his parents. Jeffery walked away from Wyatt too sickened to speak with him. When Jeffery learned from Veronica that Wyatt died, Jeffery broke down in tears as he had took in news. When David called Jeffery to tell him he saw Wyatt's body, Jeffery asked if it was really Wyatt and David told him it was Wyatt and that he simply suffered an overdose and was recovering in the hospital. Jeffery was shocked and elated at the news and went to see him, happy that his friend was alright.

Amanda CryerEdit

Amanda is the daughter of Jim Cryer and sister to Wyatt. Though he was not initially close to her as he is to her brother, their relationship begins to grow when Amanda moves in with Candace Young. Jeffrey is depicted as showing concern about her as a friend, especially when she attempts suicide following a rape by one of her college professors who believed she was a prostitute. When Amanda behavior began to get a little nutty Jeffrey worried over her when hearing her laugh every night and denying the statement before laughing again after he leaves. Jeffrey is shown to immensely care for her after hearing she wished to buy a gun to kill her family before saying it was a joke and that she wouldn't ever do so. However, this alerted Jeffrey that Amanda was really mentally unhinged and she needed help immediately. He then went to the Cryers to let them know that they should have Amanda committed and tells them she had recently purchased a gun and is planning to kill them. When learning of her death, Jeffrey was deeply shocked at hearing how Amanda took her own life.

Candace Young Edit

Candace Young is a former escort who becomes a close friend to Jeffery after Veronica cuts Jeffery from the families financials and he's forced to move in with her and Amanda Cryer. Candace helps Jeffery feel comfortable with who he is and gets back at his mother. It all fails when Veronica reveals to Jeffery that his car was the one involved in the murder of Lizzie and attempted murder of Benny Young (Candace's brother) and she has it. She also tells Jeffery that he can have his belongings back but if he doesn't do what she says, she will turn him and the car in and send him to prison for a long time. He does everything such as date and have sex with a woman.

Though unaware of Jeffrey's circumstances Candace continues to try and motivate the latter into standing up for himself and shut his mother down. Jeffrey is shown to be impressed by Candace's intelligence and her courage when it comes to taking on people more powerful than her but is a little worried that her attitude might get her in terrible situations. It is also shown that Jeffrey deeply cares for Candace shown when he refused to give Quincy's Maxwell (Candace's ex-boyfriend) the hotel Candace was located at despite taking a harsh beating from the latter hands. When asked by Candace as to why he defended her Jeffrey stated he didn't want to lose another one of his friends to which he is thanked by her for his kindness. Later on, Jeffrey without hesitation saves Candace from being killed by Quincy by attacking the latter and they kill the former convict. However, while Jeffrey wanted to call the police Candace stopped him by mentioning the terrible fate in store for them if they contact the police. Later in the middle of Season 4, Jeffrey releases his pent up anger towards Candace over hiding their deed saying he wishes he was as cold and calculating as her and his mother.

Landon PeytonEdit

Landon Peyton (portrayed by: Kristian Kordula) is a publicist who works for Jim and David's governor campaign alongside Maggie. Landon is gay and he starts to become a huge supporter and a friend (and kind of a love interest) to Jeffery when he learns that he is gay and his mother Veronica doesn't support him. Jeffery's feelings for Wyatt start to fade as he becomes attracted to Landon. But he knows that he can't do anything with him knowing that his mother would send him to jail over Lizzie's murder. Veronica becomes very much aware about Jeffery's attraction to Landon. So she blackmails a girl named Melissa to date and have sex with Jeffery to keep her father alive and pay his medical bills while he's in the hospital. During a campaign speech, Landon attempts to set up Veronica by having a lesbian woman ask her does she support gay right. But she makes it through the speech. After the campaign speech, Landon is fired by Veronica and David as Jeffery watches. After Veronica and David walk away, Landon kisses Jeffery in front of Melissa and proceeds to tell her that he is gay. By the end of season 3, Jeffery invites Landon over to his hotel room after telling off his mom and letting her know that he is tired of her threats and he isn't going to live his life to make her happy. After a very short conversation, Jeffery throws Landon on the bed, takes off his shirt, gets on top of him and proceeds to have sex with him finally feeling free to be someone who deeply cares about him. However, Jeffery merely saw this encounter as a way to release his frustration at his mother as Landon sadly reflected that he thought Jeffery wanted him and was sickened that the latter simply used him. Landon soon met Wyatt and realized he was the person Jeffrey was in love with but tells him Wyatt isn't interested in him and he should move on. In Season 4, the two speak and Landon still tries to flirt with Jeffrey who shrugs him off. Later after an terrifying experience with Candace, Landon tries to distance himself from Jeffrey, Candace, The Harringtons and Cryers as they are all plotting something. Jeffrey tries to calm him but Landon tells him he doesn't trust him. It's hinted Landon might be off the show for quite sometime.

Justin LewisEdit

Is a police officer that pull Jeffery over after the latter took Quincy's car and went drunk driving in the car. Justin harassed Jeffrey for his harassment as Jeffrey realized the latter was gay as well and uses this against by sleeping with him after threatening to tell his wife or his mother about it. Despite this, Justin does seem to enjoy his time with Jeffrey who seems to view him as a friend as he was the first Jeffrey told of his stabbing of Veronica and Justin made sure that Jeffrey wasn't wanted by police. However, he tells Jeffrey that he does not see him as a friend but this is most likely due to Candace being in the room and Justin not wanting to look unprofessional. This is somewhat hinted as he calls Jeffrey in the fourth season finale offering to hide evidence of a possible crime at Candace's house.