Candace Young
Portrayed by Tika Sumpter
First appearance "The Big Surprise"
Gender Female
Age 34
Born 1984[1]
Occupation Law student
Con artist
Residence Savannah, GA
Romantic Partners Jim Cryer (ex-lover)
Quincy Maxwell (ex-boyfriend)
Brandon (ex-lover, ended)
Mitch (Ex-boyfriend)
Parent(s) Hanna Young (mother)
Unnamed father
Child(ren) Quincy Young (son, deceased)
Sibling(s) Benny Young (Half-brother)
Other Relations Unnamed Aunt (Maternal Aunt, deceased)
Amanda Cryer (friend/classmate)
Jeffrey Harrington (friend)

Candace Young is the villain protagonist and antiheroine on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots. She is portrayed by Tika Sumpter. She is the sister of Benny Young and daughter of Hanna Young.


Candace is a very secretive, scandalous young woman. She is known to use people to get what she wants and has no issues with doing whatever it takes, including lying and blackmail. She exhibits some signs of possible psychopathic behavior, and often uses her feminine wiles to get anything she wants, to the point that Hanna, her own mother, wishes Candace had never been born.


Season One

Candace is introduced to the viewers as an escort named Candy in the pilot episode, The Big Surprise , who is first seen leaving the bed of judge Jim Cryer following a sexual encounter. Over the course of the first season, Candace and Jim's affair continues with Candace covering the affair by posing as a law student who attends school with Jim's daughter Amanda. She pretends to be especially interested in Jim's cases to cover up for the affair, ensuring that the two will not be found out. Unbeknownst to the two, Jim's son Wyatt unintentionally discovers the affair, but never outright says anything to anyone about it, though he does heavily imply that he believes Candace prefers relationships with "older men" (his father).

The Cryers' newest maid, Hanna, becomes uneasy with Candace's presence at the mansion and eventually reveals to her friend and fellow maid Celine Gonzales that Candace is her daughter, but that the two have been estranged for many years. Hanna is distraught and convinced her daughter is up to no good. 

When Candace blackmails Jim, saying she will go to the news if he ends their relationship, she demands a large sum of money and a car as payoff. Jim agrees and with the help of his friend David Harrington, gives Candace her demands and then safely assumes  she is out of his life. But when David's wife Veronica discovers evidence of David delivering Candace's new vehicle, she assumes it is he who is having the affair with Candace and confronts her. 

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four



Hanna Young

Hanna is Candace's mother, a religious, poor maid working in the Cryer family house. Candace is embittered and cynical towards Hanna, and Hanna loathes her daughter's sexually promiscuous lifestyle and thuggish ways. As such, the two are not close and have a toxic relationship.  They very rarely see each other as Candace has been on her own since she was eighteen.

Benny Young

Benny is Candace's younger brother, whom she appears to love quite deeply and be very close to. They frequently engage in secret calls  to check on each other. Benny mortgaged their mother Hanna's house without Hanna's knowledge to help put Candace through school so she pays him back by helping to pay it off. 

Quincy Young

Dalliances and Attempted Romantic Relationships

Jim Cryer

Candace and Jim have an illicit sexual affair in season 1, beginning when he pays her for sex in the pilot. Throughout season 1, Candace goes through a cycle with Jim, tempting him and offering him sex while also blackmailing him for more money. Jim seems to be addicted to sex with Candace, as he tries to break off their relationship, but fails miserably. Eventually he does break it off. 



Amanda Cryer

Candace and Amanda met in school and became close friends. Amanda is perhaps the only real friend she has. Unfortunately, the friendship is not a healthy one. Candace often uses and manipulates the much weaker and less confident Amanda. Contrastingly, Amanda initially appears to admire Candace's boldness and freedom.  Eventually the two secretly begin living together. 

Jeffrey Harrington


Jim Cryer

Though initially attracted to Candace, by mid season 1 he is sick of her, and her manipulation of his daughter Amanda. Jim threatens Candace twice in the first season, first warning her to stop blackmailing him or there will be consequences, and again when he finds out that Candace has been living with his daughter and that Amanda attempted suicide. He tells her that he will kill her if anything happens to his daughter. 

Katheryn Cryer

When Katheryn discovers Candace is having an affair with her husband Jim,  she threatens her, telling her to leave Jim alone and coldly nicknaming her "Nine" as she is the ninth mistress Kathryn knows about. 

Wyatt Cryer

Wyatt's hatred toward Candace begins when he discovers that she is an escort who is having an affair with his father. He threatens to expose them but his father forces him to back down so makes comments about her like of older men. He was later shocked to see her attend his sister's funeral grabbing her arm and telling her to leave the event as she was non-chalant about his behavior. Candace was unaware that Wyatt was the one who struck her brother until he informed her as she expressed shocked at this revelation before leaving his home.

Veronica Harrington

Candace is briefly threatened by Veronica as she believes Candace is having an affair with Veronica's husband David when pictures surface of David giving Candace a car, part of her blackmail price for leaving Jim. Veronica later finds out Candace was sleeping with Jim and reaffirms her dislike of Candace

Quincy Maxwell

LaQuita Maxwell