Portrayed by Philip Boyd
First appearance Season 3
Gender Male
Age 28
Employer David Harrington
Occupation Con Artist
Residence Savannah,GA
Romantic Partners Candace Young (Ex-lover)
Other Relations Oscar (Alias)

Jonathan Thompson (Alias)

Brandon Wallace is a man hired by David Harrington in order to handle Candace Young in order to retrieve the money Candace extorted from Jim. He went by the alias of Oscar and was able to successfully seduce her and take back Jim's money.


Brandon has shown himself to be a skilled manipulator as he was able to win the trust of Candace (a skilled manipulator in her own right) in order to get a chance at stealing the millions she obtained from Jim.

Because of his occupation, he is aware of the many tactics people will use when trying to con other which was shown when he warned David of a possible scam that Erica (Candace's friend) was trying to pull on him. In order to avoid suspicion from others, he gives fake stories about his past and takes to using several aliases such as Oscar, Jonathan Thomson and other names.

Season ThreeEdit

In the season three finale, it is revealed that he has conned Candace out of her money and when she calls him over he admits to the acts saying she should not having the millions in the first place. He reveals that everything he told her about his past and mocks her by saying the only thing that was genuine was him enjoying the sex which infuriates her that she draws out a knife but he grabs it and throws her to the ground as she hits in the face. However, he is thrown to the ground by an arriving Quincy Maxwell who beats both him and Candace until he puts his full attention on her allowing "Oscar" to run out the house and escape the scene. "Oscar" reports to David returning the money that Candace extorted from Jim and it is revealed that his real name is Brandon. Brandon apologizes for using so much of the money David provided him just to gain Candace's full trust but David brushes it aside and tells him to stay on stand by.

Season FourEdit

He appears frequently for doing tasks for David such as finding the new address of David's wife and shutting the phone lines off at Benny Young's tow yard. Because of his actions, Candace has been searching for him in order to get her money back. Her search has led to her finding out that Brandon gave an intoxicated Landon false information as well paying the foster care lady (in charge of Candace's son) twenty thousand dollars when taking Candace's account info. Much later, Brandon turns back on the phone lines to Benny's tow yard after David is threatened to do so.

While on a date he meets Erica (Candace's friend) who flirts with him but because of his situation he denies her advances though she manages to get a valet to plant a cell phone in his car in order to track to his home. It later turns out that it was actually the home of his clients who coincidentally had the name same of Brandon which allows him to mislead people of his name being Brandon Maven who has a family. Later on, he tells David he is leaving due to having a feeling that someone is tracking him but before he could leave he is suspicious when David tells him to do a background check on a named Erica. After learning of how the met, Brandon decides to look into it as sounds like a scam to get David's money.

In the Season four finale, he is at the campaign office alone until he hears a noise and goes to check out but see nothing which leads to Candace emerging and striking him with a bat knocking him to the ground. The infuriated Candace demands to know where her money is as she repeatedly hits Brandon with the bat

Season FiveEdit

The season begins with him still being beaten by Candace who angrily demands answers as it is shown she has given him a large head wound. With no choice, he reveals his real name is Brandon Wallace and that he has no way of giving her back the money. He catches the bat when she attempts to hit him again an pins her down before giving information about his real past such as being sent to prison and placed on probation for being a con-artist. He tells her how he's working on a big scheme and needs Candace to use her feminine charm on wealthy man but she refuses as she can't trust him.