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Benny Young

Benjamin Watson "Benny" Young 
known as Benny Young is a main character on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. He is the only son of Hanna Young and the older half brother of Candace Young. He is portrayed by Tyler Lepley.


Benny is the son of Hanna and brother to Candace. He maintains a strong relationship with both of them even though they are at odds with each other. He is currently on life support in a coma after being hit by a strung out Wyatt Cryer in a hit and run during season one finale.

Season OneEdit



Hanna Young (Mother) Benny young jamcian decent Edit

Benny was born to an unwed Hanna, who did her best to provide for her children. Prior to his accident, Benny relied heavily upon the long-suffering Hanna to be there for him and to be his support system. He also pleaded with his mother to forgive his wayward sister Candace Young. Hanna was intent on finding her son a good Christian girl to date. Hanna was extremely proud of Benny for all his lifestyle choices saying that he is the only good relationship she has on earth showing the amount of love and value that she places into her beloved son. When benny  was in the hospital she did her best to make sure he lives and even went to court to fight for him and unfortunately ended up losing she pleaded to his father Tony to keep him alive but she was denied she begged to say goodbye to him but was still rejected. She rushed to the hospital only to find that her son was gone benny's "death" devastated her so much so that she broke down crying over his empty hospital bed but could not mourn for long as she was arrested. Hanna was enraged that her son left her life and was not about to let the man responsible go unpunished so she went to the police and told them that Wyatt Cryer was the culprit in the hit and run. Hanna would later learn that benny was not dead but instead checked out and taken by a private helicopter to unknown location. This turned to elation after she found out that Katheryn Cryer had him transported to another hospital where he would be given better help by professional doctors. Hanna would visit her son on occasion being happy that he was improving from his accident and defended him from his father who tried to have him taken off life support proclaiming "You are not touching my son !!!". When benny woke up he asked who was the clown talking about his mother which greatly excited hanna who begged him to say something again as he woke up without a problem calling herself and benny blessed when talking to benny's astounded doctor. When returning home the two had a tearful moment where benny embraced his mother and told her that he was very scared that he nearly died but didn't thanks to the amount care from his beloved mother after Hannah got into more arguments with her ex-lover forcing her to take him off life support until then he walks up with shocks Hannah in front of her eyes which tony was very furious she becomes very happy that her son is alive which at the days of Benny staying in the hospital and coming home until she introduced to his father Tony who she does not want him to be around with after not being there for Benny throughout the years in season 3 Benny's personality becomes over protective of his mother and his sister Candice which he become suspicious of Hannah's new friend who was the one cutting the grass however Benny becomes very upset that his sister Candice left the house but she has unfinished business to do with Jim an interrupted of his mother having a little make out which he becomes very upset at his mother saying that he don't want no man to be on top of her which she tells him to leave the house before things get a little out of hand.

Candace Young (Younger Half-Sister)Edit

Candace Young is Benny's younger half sister, with whom he was extremely close (much to the chagrin of their mother.) He deeply loves his sister as he used to play with her as children and often protected her from dangerous men such as high school bullies or candace's ex-boyfriend Quincy. Years later he would often attempt to counsel Candace, but she refused to accept most of it, believing she had managed on her own and would continue to. Benny aided Candace putting her through law school, often supported her financially without informing their mother so as not to raise her ire. When benny was struck by Wyatt Cryer candace was deeply worried about her brother as she had not been in contact with him for several days and went to her mother's house to look for him only to find nothing. Candace later found out that he was in the hospital after he was struck in the hit and run that took place not too long ago and rushed to the hospital and demanded that the staff do everything they could to save her brother even ignoring other patients in need of help. Her love for her older brother is shown again when she went to Jim Cryer she tried to get benny relocated to a private hospital to receive better help but was refused. Candace later sat by her brother's side where she reminisced over their childhood and she begged him to wake up so that he could mend the aminosity between candace and her mother as he was the only thing they both cared about. Candace even went as far as to cooperate with her mother in court to defend her brother and was deeply shocked that the judge went in tony's favor and became devastated that her brother was going to die. She and her mother then rushed to the hospital and went to benny's room to discover to their horror that he was gone from the bed candace went on to believe that her brother was dead for the rest of the episode and beginning of season three. Candace had asked Jim Cryer (who had her kidnapped) if her brother had a funeral to which the corrupt judge ignores her question. She later finds out from a friend named Warlock that he wasn't dead and was being released from the hospital and be given a welcome home party by their mother. Candace was then called by her brother and was greatly estatic to hear her brother's voice and he affectionately referred to her as "baby sis" and the two shared a tearful reunion and candace begged him not to hang up as she wanted to hear his voice.    

Tony Watson (Father)Edit

Tony Watson is benny's biological father. For many years benny went without knowing that this truth only knowing that his mother once hooked up with a married man never putting two and two together. When not having this knowledge benny had invited the man over for dinner being kind to him referring to him as "Mr. Watson". Tony could not get involved with benny due to him being engaged to another woman while he was with benny's mother so instead he had watched benny from a distance but really wanted to be in his son's life. Years later benny would later come to know his relationship with tony after he went through some legal problems and while having a talk with his mother he discovered the truth which left him deeply shocked and confused. It is unknown how he felt about the man at the time as he would later leave for work and being strucked by a strung-out wyatt cryer. Also unbeknowst to benny while he was in a coma his father (believing benny dead) tried to have him taken off life support and went through intense measures as he was currently on dialysis and needed benny's kidneys. When going to court with hanna and candace about this situation the judge rules in tony's favor and even when begged by benny's mother and sister he was admandant in his decision. He was deeply angered that benny was not at the hospital and he vistied hanna in jail where he demanded benny's location and proclaimed that he will have him taken off life support. Tony's regards to his son at this point was shown to be selfish as he later told hanna that her did not want to die and that benny could save him. Later after following hanna to the hospital benny was at he was determined to have his son taken off life support and ignored his improvements as he believed him to be dead but was quickly proven wrong when benny woke up. Tony was deeply shocked at this and awkwardly asked benny how he was doing when he was acknowledged by the boy who was confused about his presence. Tony saw that benny's moblity was fine and his memory was intact this left him guilty over his actions and while benny was being embraced by his mother tony quitely left the room. Benny later got in contact with tony as he wanted to get to know his father unaware of what occurred while he was in a coma and learned tony's condition after inviting him over. Upon finding out that his father went took his mother to court and tried to have him taken off life support, benny confronted him and admonishing him for putting his mother to court and acting like he knew what he (benny) would want when he doesn't know anything about him.

Quincy Daylon Young (Half-Nephew)Edit

Was benny's five year old half nephew via candace it is unknown if benny was close with the boy as he hardly mentions him but does seem to love the boy believing him to be okay as he was really certain candace would never let anything happen to him. Benny affectionately refers to the boy as "my nephew" when hanna was demanding his location and he was deeply shocked to hear from candace that he was dead showing that he truly loved his nephew. When hearing the full story of the child's death benny was disturbed,shocked and angered at quincy (the father) who took the life of his nephew by throwing him off a bridge all benny could do after that was cry over the loss of his nephew. Benny was later shocked to hear from his mother that his nephew was still alive but that he was in Quincy's hands


Quincy MaxwellEdit

Is the ex-boyfriend of benny's sister Candace and the father of her child. It is unknown if the two were ever on good terms but this seems unlikely now when was it mentioned by Candace that benny and quincy once fought each other after the latter had hurt candace at one point. During his welcome home party benny instantly became angered when he heard from his mother that quincy was in the house looking for candace and refused to calm down. While talking benny reveals he knew quincy was in jail (something his mother didn't know about until she was told) and wanted make him pay fo hurting his sister saying "I'm not about to let him come up in here and let him hurt what I love !!!". Benny struggled to leave the house and ignored the pleas of his mother and sister so that he could put into the matter himself. This shows that despite just recovering from a wreck (that left him in a coma) his hatred against the man who caused his family so much grief is really intense. It is later shown that this increased to a boiling point after hearing from candace that on the night quincy brutally beat candace he was the cause of the death of candace's son this revealtion made benny very angry and sad. Benny later found out from his mother that Quincy has strike her while holding his nephew as leverage to find out where Candace was located. Having reached a breaking point with Quincy's actions, Benny tracked down and horribly attacked Quincy in revenge for all the things he's done to his family though he was arrested.

Wyatt CryerEdit

Wyatt is the son of Judge Jim Cryer the former employer of benny's mother though the two men have never interacted personally, in the finale of season one benny while doing a tow was struck by a car driven by Wyatt Cryer (who was intoxicated at the time) and is left lying on the road by the man. On that very night wyatt had rushed home telling his parents and hanna that he thinks he killed someone who he says was changing a tire and without knowing who it was he was frantic about his actions. This incident left benny in a coma for most of the second season with his condition growing worse over his time being there and his family doing their best to keep him alive. While this was happening wyatt upon learning that he actually did hit someone quickly asked for the person's condition and was told that while the man was in the hospital a child was dead. In season two, wyatt is told by a friend of benny's relation to hanna this left him genuinely guilty for seperating a mother from her son and he began to have nightmares of the wreck which left him emotionally disturbed over how he could do such a thing. Despite never meeting him wyatt was deeply concerned about benny's condition especially when finding out that he "died" which left him sad and crying that another life was taken because of his stupid actions. Wyatt would later find out that benny was still alive and although relieved he still felt guilty that it was because of him that benny was in there in the first place. It is unknown if benny will ever find out that wyatt is the man who ran him over and left him in the hospital or if they will ever meet.      

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