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Benjamin Young
Portrayed by Tyler Lepley
First appearance Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots
Gender Male
Employer Unknown
  • Hanna Young (Mother)
  • Tony (Father)
  • Sibling(s) Candace Young (Half- sister)
    Other Relations Unnamed half-nephew

    Unknown unborn half-nephew or half- niece

    Benjamin "Benny" Young is a supporting character on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. He is portrayed by Tyler Lepley.


    Benny is the son of Hanna and brother to Candace. He maintains a strong relationship with both of them even though they are at odds with each other. He is currently on life support in a coma after being hit by a strung out Wyatt Cryer in a hit and run during season one finale.

    Season OneEdit


    Hanna (Mother)

    Benny was born to an unwed Hanna, who did her best to provide for her children. Prior to his death, Benny relied heavily upon the long-suffering Hanna to be there for him and to be his support system. He also pleaded with his mother to forgive his wayward sister Candace Young. Hanna was intent on finding her son a good Christian girl to date. Hanna was extremely proud of Benny and his "death" devastated her. She was relieved to find out that Katheryn had him transported to another hospital

    Candace (sister) Candace Young was Benny's older half sister, with whom he was extremely close (much to the chagrin of their mother.) He often attempted to counsel Candace, but she refused to accept most of it, believing she had managed on her own and would continue to. Benny aided Candace, often without informing their mother so as not to raise her ire. 

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