Amanda Cryer
Amanda cryer
Gender Female
Age 22 (Deceased)
Residence Atlanta, GA
Parent(s) Jim Cryer (Father)
Katheryn Cryer (Mother)
Sibling(s) Wyatt Cryer (Brother)
Carlos Gonzales (Half-Brother)
Jimmy Gonzales (Half-brother)
Other Relations Mr. Hargrave (Maternal Grandfather; deceased)
Candace Young (Best friend)
Jeffrey Harrington (Friend)
Professor. Cannon (Rapist, deceased)

Amanda Cryer was a main character in The Haves and the Have Nots. She is the daughter of Jim and Katheryn Cryer, sister of Wyatt, as well as the roommate of Candace Young and Jeffrey Harrington.


Amanda Cryer is the daughter of Jim and Katheryn Cryer, her older brother is Wyatt Cryer making her the youngest of the Cryer family. When first appearing she is depicted as a somewhat shy young woman who is unable to speak up for herself and has to have more strong willed people speak for her. In mid-season 1, she is raped by her law professor and starts to have shifts between happy and cheery to having fits of insanity.

Eventually in season 2, The Cryers begin to notice that Amanda is becoming mentally unstable again. Amanda drops out of law school, and begins a "relationship" with Candace's ex-boyfriend, Quincy, a newly released from jail convict. Mrs. Cryer wants Amanda committed to a mental institution but Amanda deceptively convinces her shrink that she is well. Amanda had previously bought a gun and wanted to kill her whole entire family. She keeps these intentions to herself fooling everyone. In the final episode of season 2, Amanda is seen running throughout her family home, bedroom to bedroom while her mother and brother slept. Amanda seemingly is unable to decide which family member to kill. The season ends with an gunshot heard in the upstairs of the Cryer home.

In the season 3 opener, the whereabouts of Amanda are unknown. She is believed to be sleeping in her bedroom. Meanwhile, the rest of the Cryer household begins to prepare for Jim's gubernatorial run announcement. Katheryn instructs Hanna to awake Amanda if she doesn't come downstairs soon, as to ensure she makes it to the press conference on time. When Amanda fails to wake up, Hannah goes to Amanda's room to rouse her. Upon opening the curtains, Hannah discovers an abundance of blood and Amanda's body in her bed. It is believed that Amanda had committed suicide via a self-inflicted gunshot.                  

Relationships with other characters Edit

Relationships Edit

Candace Young (friend) Edit

Candace and Amanda seem to a have possess a good relationship as Amanda is shown to be impressed by Candace's fearlessness and her strong will and has her do most of the talking for her. The two women share an apartment together but Amanda does not know that Candace is her father's mistress or that she is most likely using her to gain her inheritance. While Amanda may be one of the few people (besides Jeffrey and her brother Benny) that Candace treats decently it is shown that she sometimes takes advantage of her naivete and has told Amanda a false story about her life. Indeed, Amanda was very surprised to learn that Candace was a mother of young boy saying she was holding out on her. Candace was deeply shocked to learn that Amanda had committed suicide and felt genuinely emotional for Amanda proclaiming she had always liked Amanda and didn't know her issues were that bad

Jeffrey Harrington (Friend)Edit

The two of them are shown to be friends as Jeffery comes to visit her and Candace often and are shown to get along being able to confide in the other about personal problems. When Amanda's personality begins to shift (after being raped) Jeffery begins to worry about her while she turns away his worries and continues to sink deeper into insanity. Despite this she can still be friendly with him (vice-versa) and Jeffrey was shown to still worry about her.

Quincy Maxwell ("Boyfriend")Edit

Amanda first met Quincy while he was out looking for Candace (his ex-girlfriend) she invited him in for dinner and the two seem really hit it off with her calling him cool. There was also some flirting going on between them as well sexual tension but neither acted on it. When Quincy revealed he went to jail for murder, she asked him for tips on how to do so but she ordered him out when he tried kissing her neck even threatening him with the gun he taught her how to use. Not intimidated by her pointing the gun, he left her his number for to call him about Candace or just to talk. Amanda eventually did call him back but requested for him to take her to get a tattoo for killing someone, he was surprised and after hanging up stated "That chick is crazy" but still took her out. Later when returning to the house when asked who Quincy was Amanda proclaimed him as her "boyfriend".

Professor Cannon ( Former Teacher, Enemy )Edit

He rapes Amanda after she tries to charm him to re-take a exam she failed as a result Amanda holds a deep hatred for this man and begins stalking him. The professor is shown to be deeply "remorseful" for his actions and tries to apologize, but Amanda rejects this and calls him a monster and takes her revenge by literally stabbing him in the back while laughing crazily.


Jim Cryer (Father)Edit

Amanda and her dad seem to have a good relationship and she seems to love him very much. Jim treats her with love like any father should and does worry about his daughter's mental health after hearing that she considers killing him or anyone else in her family. Jim wanted to make sure his daughter was okay and even had her moved back into the house to keep a proper eye on her. When talking with Katheryn about having Amanda committed, he refused saying "I'm not about to have our daughter committed again!". When learning that she committed suicide, he was greatly shocked at this wishing he should of been there to do something about it. He even went as far as to asking the DA to let him see her body and when seeing his late daughter he tearfully said "Bye, Baby" before zipping up her body bag and breaking down. Amanda's death really impacted Jim, as he even went as far as to apologizing to Katheryn about not having her committed as doing so probably would have allowed her to still be alive and attacked Wyatt for his snarky comments. Upon finding out that she was raped by her former law professor which led to her having a break down, he became angry and immediately tracked down the man giving him a severe beating after it was confirmed. Jim avenged his daughter by having Cannon killed when listing people he wanted gone.

Katheryn Cryer (Mother)Edit

She does not talk to her mother often but seems to love her just like her father. Her mother does seem to worry about her daughter upon finding out that she is suffering from an emotional breakdown and considers killing her or another family member after learning from Jeffery. Katheryn was very worried about her daughter and wanted to get her committed into a mental facility in order to get her proper help but this was denied by Jim who thought Amanda was okay. When learning that Amanda committed suicide, Katheryn went into a deep state of shock and silence before collapsing to a chair. She reminisced on her daughter's childhood and was happy about her times of raising and worrying about her daughter before breaking down. She even confronted Jim about his decision of not having her committed into an asylum saying if they had her committed she wouldn't have died and would have gotten proper help.

Wyatt Cryer (Brother)Edit

Wyatt is her brother and the two seem to have a close relationship being to help keep secrets with each other shown when Wyatt promises not to tell their parents that she and Candace have an apartment together. When Amanda started to have mental issues, she stated she would kill her parents and her brother as well saying so with a smile before proclaiming that she was joking about doing so. Despite this Wyatt was shocked to discover his sister had committed suicide and was deeply traumatized after finding her body covered in blood.